Ludhiana’s 7-year-old Saksham Sharma gives MAJOR complex to celebrity dancers on Super Dancer Chapter 3


Saksham Sharma.

“We all as guests on Super Dancer Chapter 3 feel complexed by the young talents coming on this show” expressed iconic actress Aruna Irani after watching phenomenal performances on the sets of Sony Entertainment Television’s kid’s dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 3. Week on week, our Punjab-Da-Sher Saksham Sharma has amazed the celebrity guests namely Mithun Chakraborty, Rekha, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Zeenat Aman and many more along with the judges, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Geeta Kapoor and Anurag Basu. The 7-year-old firecracker kid from Ludhiana has won million hearts and immense fan following across the nation with close to 38.2k Instagram followers.

When Salman Khan declared that he will have learn dancing all over again after watching Saksham’s performance! When Bollywood superstars, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif graced the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3, out of all the contestants, Saksham with Super Guru Vaibhav grabbed Salman’s attention with their energetic performance on the song, ‘Jumme ki raati.’ Salman was so amazed to see the little champ perform the high paced song with energy and ease that he declared, “It seems as if I need to learn dancing.” Praising his talent, he mentioned, “Saksham is so good with his dance moves that he can beat his Super Guru Vaibhav.” Further, Katrina appreciated Saksham’s for his world-class expressions.

When Shilpa compared her son Vivaan with Saksham! In one of the performances where Saksham performed on the song 'Rafta dekho aankh meri ladi hai', he humorously depicted that how despite of consistently giving outstanding performances week on week, he never gets the, ‘The performance of the week’ title. Every week, Saksham along with his Guru Vaibhav work hard on their performances and have also received appreciation from the judges but, 6-year-old Rupsa Batabyal from Kolkata always takes it away. Taking note of this and consoling Saksham, Shilpa went on to say, “I want to apologize to Saksham for not realizing his efforts. Having such potential at the age of 7 years is beyond my imagination. My son Viaan is also 7 years old but I know for sure that he can’t match Saksham’s talent. It takes immense dedication to be such a perfectionist which Saksham has successfully managed to do.”

When Evergreen Diva Rekha performed Tulabhara ritual for Saksham! Every time a child does something great, our elders believe in following a tradition of removing the, ‘evil eye’. In ancient days, the Tulabhara tradition was followed by Kings and Queens in order to protect someone from evil eyes. According to this ritual, a person is made to sit on one side of the weighing scale and on the other side, there are gold and silver jewels. Rekha performed the ritual and mentioned, “This kid is God gifted with his magical expressions. The way he catches every musical beat with utmost synchronization and finishing is exceptional.”

Little Saksham finds inspiration in Tiger Shroff because he loves his unique dance style and acting skills. After trying his luck in local dance reality shows, he has now reached a platform like Super Dancer and is doing all that it takes to win the coveted title of, ‘Dance Ka Kal.’

As the show is on the verge of its finale, it’s time for the audiences to vote for the potential contestant and help them win the coveted title of, ‘Dance ka Kal’. The viewers can download the Sony Liv app and vote their favourite contestant to help them make their position in Super 5.

Monday, June 10, 2019