Ludhiana is all set to witness world class fireworks at Pavilion

Ludhiana, October 17, 2014: Ludhiana is all set to witness a world-class fireworks display on October 19, 7:30 PM onwards on the lines of Commonwealth and Asian Games ceremonies in an event organised by the Pavilion Mall near Fountain Chowk as part of its ongoing Diwali celebrations. This will be the first of its kind event in Punjab in which glittering fireworks would light up the Ludhiana skyline using state-of-the-art pyrotechnics.
The sky would turn a painter’s canvas as the colorful fireworks paint the sky in spellbinding colors and different patterns. Some 2500 aerial shots, timed and patterned in a given fashion are bound the take city’s rapt attention and light up the Ludhiana skyline like never before.
Roof-top pyrotechnic displays require special skills, training and equipment. Fireworks take many forms to produce the four primary effects: noise, light, smoke and floating materials like confetti. The most common feature of fireworks is a paper or pasteboard tube or casing filled with the combustible material, often pyrotechnic stars. A number of these tubes or cases are often combined so as to make, when kindled, a great variety of sparkling shapes, often variously colored.
A Pavilion Mall spokesperson said that all preparations for the event are complete and a special team from Mumbai is being flown in to the city to conduct the event. 
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Friday, October 17, 2014