Ludhiana News/VLCC launches international skin care treatments for winter season


Premier Wellness brand VLCC on Thursday launches its new range of premium international skin care treatments by skin expert Christelle Weinberg from Delhi and Vikas Baggal at VLCC Branch, Ferozepur Road Branch at Ludhiana.

Ludhiana, November 21, 2013:  Premier Wellness brand VLCC on Thursday launched its new range of premium international skin care treatments to enable customers to obtain a healthy, gleaming, radiant and resplendent skin that they may feel proud of during the period of joy and celebration.
The facial was launched by skin expert Christelle Weinberg from Delhi and Vikas Baggal at VLCC Branch, Ferozepur Road Branch here. On this occasion, Center Head Prabha Maya Prasad said that the latest top-of-the line offerings from VLCC, that have their origin in Switzerland, include the unique anti-ageing skin solution – Stem-Cellogist Professional - which provides three-fold benefits by smoothening out fine lines and wrinkles while replenishing volume to provide increased firmness and elasticity, lightens the pigmentation, and hydrates and nourishes the skin with nutrients and vitamins for optimal vitality and health.
Based on the Nobel Prize winning discovery of how the ‘telomeres’ – the caps at the ends of the chromosomes that carry our genes – can protect chromosomes from degradation, VLCC’s Stem-Cellogist Professional treatment helps recreate, reconstruct and regenerate youthful skin by triggering the self-renewal potential of dermal stem cells boosting cell function and skin renewal, rebuilds the network of collagen and Elastin Fibers and enhances the skin’s ability to resist oxidative stress.
At the same time, Stem-Cellogist Professional enables deeper penetration of actives into the skin, speeds up the absorption of nutrients and strengthens the barrier of the skin to lock in moisture.
VLCC Founder & Mentor Vandana Luthra said: “VLCC has always been known for its therapeutic approach to beauty and being at the forefront in coming up with innovative Wellness solutions that would enable our valued customers to look good and feel great. We are hopeful that our latest skin care offerings will prove very popular among people of all age groups.”
Along with Stem-Cellogist Professional, VLCC is also launching a skin lightening treatment – White-Neurogist Express Lightening – and a hydration treatment called HydroGlacier Therapy.
White-Neurogist Express Lightening fights free radicals and helps counter the oxidative stress on skin, helps lighten stubborn pigmentation and brown spots and corrects yellowish, dull and uneven skin tones. Moreover, White-Neurogist Express Lightening prevents future discoloration of the skin and preserves skin fairness for a longer period.
HydroGlacier Therapy revitalises dry and dehydrated skin, increases moisture level in the skin and also enables the retention of moisture for up to three days. It removes dull and keratinised skin for optimal absorption of nutrients, helps penetrate and saturate skin layers with deep, long-lasting hydration and boosts the skin’s ability to retain optimum hydration levels.
ACM Surbhi and Dr Megha, Dr Karishma were also present there.

Thursday, November 21, 2013