MEDIA GOSSIP: When Tribune Staffer Dharmendra Joshi given T-shirt by Micheal de Jong


Minister of Finance in British Columbia province of Canada, Micheal de Jong presenting T-Shirt to Dharmendra Joshi.

Jalandhar, December 6, 2012: Minister of Finance in British Columbia province of Canada, Micheal de Jong, is on a fortnight personal-cum-official tour of Punjab nowadays.

He is holding diabetes awareness walk in various parts of Punjab to spread awareness among Punjabis as one-fourth of them are suffering from this chronic disease which may further cause heart or renal failure or eye diseases.

During his drive, he held a press conference at Punjab Press Club in Jalandhar on December 5.

Interestingly, he asked from the reporters present there about the most important media personality of Jalandhar.

In a prompt reply, the senior journalist, Dharmendra Joshi, presently working with The Tribune after proving his skill with The Indian Express and several other papers, he said, "This is million dollar question and I may reply to this question only after the press conference."

Perhaps, he did not prefer to speak publically because of the ongoing politics among the Jalandhar based media houses.

Highly impressed by his instant reply, Micheal presented a special T-shirt to Dharmendra Joshi as part of his diabetes awareness drive.

On this, Joshi expressed happiness for being associated with noble cause in one way or the other.

However he said in a lighter vein that Micheal should either have presented him a jacket in this chilly winter or he should have held his drive during summer.

Thursday, December 6, 2012