'Meditation is the ultimate remedy for all diseases' – Dr. Satish Gupta


Ludhiana, March 12, 2017: ​Dr.Satish Gupta – the Rajyoga Meditation Practitioner and the Principal Investigator and Coordinator of 'Coronary Artery Disease Regression through Healthy and Happy Heart Lifestyle Module' – a multidisciplinary research project since 1995 at J.Watumull Global Hospital and Research Centre under Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University, Mount Abu, was here in Ludhiana on Sunday evening at Guru Nanak Public School Auditorium, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana to teach Ludhianvis the act and science of meditation for happy, healthy life. A number of national and international awards are to his credit in the field of medicine, meditation and cardiology.
​The program was organised by Ludhiana District branch of Brahma Kumaris organisation under the leadership of B.K. Raj Didi Ji.BK Amir Chand director Punjab Zone and BK Saras didi were also present there. Mayor of Ludhiana Harcharan singh Golbadiya and chairman GNPS S Jasbir Singh also attended the program.
​While quenching the thirst of audience regarding happy healthy living in natural way, Dr. Gupta apprised the various causes of diseases in present scenario in contrast to need and technique of mediation to stay healthy. Dr Gupta is globally renowned for clearing the blockages of coronary arteries without surgery, mere by lifestyle modifications, diet, exercise, through process charge and mediation.
​He further elaborated that generally we live in body and role consciousness, whereas we need o lie in soul consciousness. We all try to treat bodily ailments, whereas the root cause is at our mental and spiritual level. In very simple but scientific way he made the public understand that more than 200 life style diseases prevalent in our society life HT, DM. hyper/hypothyroidism, obesity, cardiac diseases, cancer, strike, skin-lung diseases, high cholesterol, GI diseases etc. and also the increasing read accidents, suicides, social riots are also linked to mental causes life – anger, anxiety, fear, tension, stress, greed, lust, ego, hostile nature etc.
​He clarified the meaning of the word 'Human Being'. Human is from 'Humus' mean 'soil' and being means 'soul' – the difference is of 'I' and 'U'. Out of the two 'soul and the associated mind' & intellect be given priority instead of humus/soil/body.
​We are living very inadvertently with wrong dietary, sleep, and behavioural patterns. We eat, drink and live for the sake of our body only and take no care of soul and mind. We need to control, reframe and organise our thoughts to get rid of all ailments of physical, mental, social, spiritual level. It'sthe only ultimate remedy to realise and revise time and again.
​We all are living souls and the Supreme God is the Father of all of us. We need to realise the connection between Him and us and the brotherly connection among us also. If we take care of our inner-self then out-self will automatically be corrected and healed. He explained the 7 basic qualities of soul like knowledge. Happiness, peace, love, bliss, purity and power. He apprised the audience how ASIA i.e. Analysis, Synthesis, Integration, Assimilation can help to overcome live evils i.e. lust anger, greed, attachment, ego.
​He gave a very effective, simple practice of mediation and taught how to make relation between I soul as a son and the Supreme Soul God as father to gain powers to heal and be happy.

Sunday, March 12, 2017