Meet the perfect detective ‘Jodi’ of Papa and Thapa in Sony Sab’s Khatmal-E-Ishque

photo: city air news

Papa and Thapa have become the latest comedy sensation in Sony Sab’s romantic miniseries Khatmal-E-Ishque. With the lead couple, Kapildev and Lovina united, the families of both have come to meet and greet as well. Mr. D’Mello (Akhilendra Mishra), who is 'papa', is always very suspicious about everything related to Kapil’s father Hanuman Singh Dinkar (Sharat Saxena).

Papa and Thapa both feel that they have seen Hanuman Singh before, but don’t quite remember where. Then, Thapa suggests that he thinks Hanuman Singh is the most-wanted smuggler that papa has been looking for 15 years! They then undertake a mission to uncover the truth about Hanuman Singh. Their journey has been one hell of an entertainment joyride till now.

They constantly look for clues against Hanuman Singh but end up being caught in some embarrassing situation themselves! They are so doubtful about everything that they don’t even trust the sweets offered to them, they make Kapil’s family taste it before they eat anything.

Akhilendra Mishra who plays the role of Mr. D’mello, the female protagonist’s father, said, “Our Jodi is meant to create a lot humor, we both set out with a feeling that Hanuman Singh Dinkar is a criminal. From our theatre days I have realized that the timing has to be bang on with both characters, only then it is successful. The comedy timing for me and Dhruv while shooting was bang on! Hope the audience enjoys the humor.”

Tune in to watch ‘Khatmal-E-Ishque’ from Monday – Friday at 10 pm only on Sony SAB!

Monday, January 9, 2017