Meet Sanskari yet glamorous bahu, Beautiful Tanvi Thakkar aka Naina from ‘TV, Biwi aur Main’


Tanvi Thakkar in TV, Biwi aur Main.

Meet our Sanskari yet glamorous bahu, Beautiful Tanvi Thakkar aka Naina from ‘TV, Biwi aur Main’

The beautiful actress Tanvi Thakkar is currently seen in Sony SAB’s, Biwi aur Main. She is playing the role of Naina Sharma aka Bindiya who is famous because of the show ‘Bindiya- Shringar Ek Suhagan ka’. The whole country admires and idolizes her as an ideal bahu .Naina Sharma aka Bindiya is excessively obsessed with herself and thinks that the show will not run without her. She always taunts the lead actor Kushal (Karan Goddwani) that the show is surviving because of her and he can be easily replaceable. In a chat with Tanvi on her latest role on Naina aka Bindiya.

1) How did TV, Biwi aur Main happened to you?

A) In the beginning I was little skeptical when I came to know that it is a comedy show as my previous role was in a comedy show and I didn’t wanted to get into the same genre. So, I was little dicey in the beginning but when I read the script I came to know that it is a daily soap in a daily soap. During my audition, the initial script was of one minute but I made it a two and a half minute script because I added my own story to the character and I think that helped me get this part.

2) How would you describe your character as Bindiya and Naina in TV, Biwi aur Main

A) The best part of the character is, I get to play two different roles. My character name in TV, Biwi aur Main is Naina but my name in my daily soap ‘Bindiya- Shringar Ek Suhagan ka’ the other is Bindiya. Naina is the one who goes on the sets and she knows that the world is at her feet as she is the lead in the show. She has a flair and a attitude. She throws her weight around the place. Whereas Bindiya is exact opposite to her, she is the typical ghar ki bahu, her husband and her mother in law is her god. I am very excited to play these extremely different roles.

3) In the show you are playing an actress who throw tantrums on the sets, do you believe that actress can do whatever they want on the sets, is it actually that way?

A) There are some people in the industry who start thinking that they are something and this air goes in their head. But I don’t think it should be like that, we are here to work including the production crew. I don’t think that should be the attitude one should have, one should be extremely grounded. The higher and higher one gets, the more one should be grounded.

4) Do you regret doing anything on the sets which you shouldn’t have?

A) Yes, I have. Few years back while shooting for one particular sequence I was biting a bisleri bottle cap and there was this emotional scene and I was reading some line, in the flow while rehearsing the line I bit the cap and my tooth broke. I refused to shoot thinking it was a bad incident. Though we were shooting in a very tight deadline. I acted very pricey on the sets assuming that it is the problem of the production house. After analyzing the entire situation I felt very bad and then I stopped giving grief to the production house. I never gave tough time to my production after that.

5) Do you think an actor and a producer can work hand in hand without any problems?

A) I believe in that completely. If a producer wants you to be professional and wants you to come on the sets on time it always helps you to play the character well. If you really love your job and you want to stay here it’s not very difficult. So I think they can completely get along.

To watch Tanvi Thakkar a.k.a Naina tune into TV, Biwi aur Main from Monday-Friday at 9.30 pm only on Sony SAB!

Monday, June 19, 2017