Mere Sai imparts an important lesson on learning to be content in life


Sai Baba from Mere Sai.

No matter how rich you are, it’s important to have your peace of mind. One should learn to be content in life and keep away all their worries. In the upcoming track of one of your most loved shows, Mere Sai that airs on Sony Entertainment Television will showcase a true story of Krishna Kumar, a wealthy resident who is worried and disturbed as he has become insomniac. He is very troubled because of lack of sleep.

Unable to deal with the situation, Krishna Kumar goes to Sai Baba to seek his help. Sai Baba takes him under his wings and solves his problem by giving him a sand-in-fist example and makes him realize the more he tries to hold on to things, it will slip away from him. Baba later sings a lullaby for him and helps him sleep peacefully. Baba gives him a task and also asks him to give a part of his land to the needy. Krishna Kumar donates a large portion of his land to Madhav upon Sai’s directive and helps solving his problem. Baba tells Krishna Kumar that one should always help the needy who will value the help and will respect him for it.

Talking about the track, Abeer Soofi who plays the character of Sai Baba in Mere Sai said, “It is so magical to see how the belief of the villagers in the almighty Sai Baba has always helped in solving their problems. I have learned so many valuable lessons through this show and would want all the viewers to inculcate the human values in their personal life.”

The track is based on a true story, the show gives us a numerous life lessons through these short and simple stories that will only better our lives. It imparts the value of helping the needy.

For more interesting stories watch Mere Sai at 7:00 pm every Monday to Friday on Sony Entertainment Television.

Thursday, February 7, 2019