Meri Rockstar Wali Jeans will make you cry and dance at the same time


Taiyaba Mansuri & Susheel Jangira.

Susheel Jangira’s Award Winning short film “Meri Rockstar Wali Jeans” has touched the right cords with its title track penned by Jangira, composed by Rahul Jain and sung by Suruchi Singh. Debutant writer-director Susheel Jangira recently launched the song and instantly it has garnered so much likes and views on the internet. Song is fresh and rhythmic with beautiful lyrics featuring Susheel Jangira, Taiyaba Mansuri and Chandrakala Satam.“We hardly have clean and appropriate film songs for young girls. This song is a perfect anthem for girls to sing and dance. Any girl of any age group can proudly sing and relate to it”, said Jangira.

Jangira shot the song under constraint budget and without the luxury of expensive locations but still song is beautifully shot at the natural locations in Mumbai. “I give credit to my DOP Rohit Yewle, editor Milind Shriraam, Art and Production person Faiyaz Ali Khan and the stylist Harsha Parmar for making it possible for me. We were a small team of young people, we just managed to shoot the song, we shot without even having a sound system, My choreographer Gnyaneshwar Waghmare (Nanu) sang the lines loudly, sometime I hum the song in my mind to walk on the beats holding the child artist’s hand. But at the end of the day a song is all about meaningful lyrics and soulful music, no expensive set or costumes will work unless and until people want to listen to your song again and again. Lyrics and Music are the foundation for any song. Signs off Jangira.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018