Mohita Srivastava as Sonu Bhabhi in Sony SAB's Baavle Utaavle


Mohita Srivastava as Sonu Bhabhi in Baavle Utaavle.

“The youngsters would want to see such kind of comedy”, said Mohita Srivastava aka Sonu Bhabhi from Sony SAB’s Baavle Utaavle

· What is the concept of Baavle Utaavle?

Baavle Utaavle is a light comedy show with all the ingredients of a family drama. It’s about this curiosity amongst youngsters, as to what happens after someone gets married. Also, the show highlights those little things that we experience in life like first love, first night, the attraction, etc. And, since everyone is very excited about these things, the show is named Baavle Utaavle.

· Something about your character- Sonu Bhabhi

She is a very interesting character; a girl who loves getting ready and keeps herself busy with her jewellery. She has a particular accent, making her different from others, as she is very fond of speaking in English.

· How has the experience been so far, shooting on the set of Baavle Utaavle?

It is so much fun with everyone here on the set. It feels like college times when the gang of friends goes and enjoys together. We have a lot of fun scenes and it is, in general, a very lively atmosphere.

· What made you take up this role?

I always do what I feel interesting and I enjoy doing that. When I heard about this concept and this role, I just got really excited. This character is also very different from my real life as I am very introvert and shy. So I get to perform something different here and hence, I decided to do this role.

· What, according to you, are some important characteristics of a good husband?

He should be caring, loving and supporting towards his wife. These are some really important things for me.

· What are your expectations from the show? What will the audience like?

I am really positive about Baavle Utaavle and I am sure the audiences will like it. The youngsters would want to see such kind of comedy, which is very relatable, as it usually happens in every other family. The kind of scenes in this show would also make it very interesting for the viewers.

· Are there any similarities between your character on the show and you in real life?

Not really, I am a little shy and an introvert person in reality whereas, Sonu Bhabhi is very open and out there.

· Do you watch Sony SAB? What is your favourite show?

I can watch Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah any time on Sony SAB. It’s my favourite show as it makes you feel light and alive after a tensed day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019