MP Anurag Thakur to represent India in biennial Australasian PAC conference


Dharamshala, April 20, 2017: Member of Parliament and Public Accounts Committee Member Anurag Thakur will represent India in in biennial Australasian PAC conference at Brisbane, Australia. Loksabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan has nominated him for the conference. This was stated here in press release today.

In the conference there would be sessions on, Parliamentary public accounts oversight - holding PACs to account, Strategic Reviews of Auditors-General Discussion, various methods of external review of the Offices of Auditors-General, Following up on audit reports, Global investment and PPPs – how can PAC’s oversee multi-national projects? Beyond the audit – inter-agency co-operation to maintain integrity.

Anurag Thakur will represent India in this conference and discuss these topics from India’s perspective and also understand how global best practices can be adopted in India, so that PAC can be made more effective.

There’s an ongoing discussion in India with regards to PAC such as opening the PAC meetings for the members of the media, dedicated research staff for PAC because of its multidimensional nature, delay in preparation of CAG reports which further delays the examination. Often it is seen that PAC examine the officials who are currently holding the charge of the particular department and not the officials who had actually taken the decision because currently PAC doesn’t have power to examine retired bureaucrats. Anurag Thakur will discuss all these issues with his global counterparts and will understand the global practices which can be adopted in India, to make PAC more effective.

Thursday, April 20, 2017