National award winning film `Nabar’ scheduled for worldwide release on September 27, 2013

Amritsar, September 1, 2013: National Award winning Punjabi film `NABAR’ (pronounced NAA-BAR) (meaning `rebel with a cause’) releases worldwide on September 27, 2013.
This was announced by the producer of the film Jasbir Singh Derewal today in Amritsar while releasing the music of the film. The music is being released by TOUCHWOOD RECORDS, the label launched by Hands On Productions.
This Punjabi film, which received the National Award for the best Punjabi film in 2012, is hitting almost 100 screens both nationally and internationally on September 27th, 2013. Apart from India, the film is being released in the international markets of Canada, UK and Australia.
The film is produced by Jasbir Singh Derewal and directed by Rajeev Sharma. The distributors of the film are Surya Basic Brothers in India, Aman Khatkar Productions in Canada and Channel Punjab Productions in UK .
ABOUT THE FILM "NABAR", A Rebel With A Cause': The film is a true story based on the fight of a father against bogus travel agents who dupe his son. The father fights the lone battle against the travel agents to avenge the death of his son.
WHO ARE THE NABARs: ‘NABAR’ is the story of Surjan Singh, (played by Hardip Gill), a Father, who becomes a Fighter from a Farmer to fight against Injustice.
‘NABAR’ is the story of Chindo, (played by Harvinder Kaur Babli) a mother, who gets stuck in the most important moment of her life! Her son’s marriage.
‘NABAR’ is the story of Manjeet, (played by Geetanjali Gill), a girlfriend, who thinks death can kill a life, but not a relationship.
‘NABAR’ is the story of Karam, (played by Nishawn Bhullar), who dreams to go abroad and earn a better living, for his family.
‘NABAR’ is the story of Kapura, (played by Ashish Duggal) a politician, who can go to any extent for his profits.
‘NABAR’ is the story of Rana, (played by Rana Ranbir), a struggling comedian with a golden heart, who will stand by truth at any cost.
CAST AND CREW: Producer: Jasbir Singh Derewal
Director: Rajeev Sharma
Production Company: Channel Punjab Production Ltd and Hands On Production
Genre: Family Drama
Starcast: Nishawn Bhullar, Rana Ranbir, Hardeep Gill, Harvinder Kaur Babli amongst others.
STORY: The story is based on a family in Punjab, a father, wife, son and his girlfriend. The son is manipulated by bogus agents who promise to send him to UK.
Agents inform the son (Karam) that he will need to fly from Mumbai. On arrival the son realises that he is not the only one waiting to go to the UK. On questioning the agent, a fight breaks out where Karma is killed.
On news of Karma’s death the family is deeply shocked especially the mother who then has a mental breakdown. The girlfriend although devastated, decides to help Karma’s parents.
The father is in shock and can’t believe what has happened. He decides to go to Mumbai to find out what has happened as the police has not been that helpful. During his quest he realises that there is an eye witness who knows the whole truth of Karma’s death. He sets out to find this person to get justice. He eventually finds this person and with the help of others, he manages to convince this person to give evidence in court.
ABOUT THE PRODUCTION COMPANY: Hands On Productions and Channel Punjab Productions is an independent film and television company that has been producing quality programmes for national and international markets since 2006. The company is based in Punjab and UK. The company has produced a wide range of programmes from documentaries, dramas to feature films.
Hands On Productions and Channel Punjab Productions believe in producing family entertainment focusing on the promotion of Punjab’s culture and heritage to the world. The company has won many awards. Prominent amongst these are :
• International trade Award 2007 by the Institute of Asian Business, UK.
• Community Excellence Awards 2007 by the Black Country Business Association UK
• Laali Media Award for Gender Sensitivity 2007.
DETAILS OF THE MUSIC AND THE ALBUM: There are 11 tracks in the album. Four of these are shabads from the Guru Granth Sahib. There is ample use of couplets from the Guru Granth Sahib in the movie, as the father of the boy gets inspiration from the Guru Granth Sahib to fight his battle and to avenge the death of his son.
Channi Singh: One of Punjab’s stalwarts in the music industry, Nabar is proud to have Channi Singh directing the music. He has over 33 years of experience in the Punjabi music industry and has won many awards, including the very famous award of the UK, the Order of the British Empire.
Tigerstyle: This UK based group has international tie-ups with various artists all over the world and has also worked for Bollywood music directors. The group has many hit tracks to their name. With its tie-up with the movie Nabar, Tigerstyle has attempted to present shabads in a different format to the audience.
Jyoti Nooran: Having started singing from the age of 12, this is Jyoti’s first song for a movie. The Nooran sisters from Shahkot, have also been selected for Coke Studio after singing the famous Tung-Tung song for MTV under Sneha Khanvilkar’s music.
Barkat Sidhu: Nabar is proud to have Barkat Sidhu also singing for a song in the movie. Barkat Sidhu is a sufi singer from Moga district, Punjab, and is a fine exponent of the Patiala Gharana. He is cousin of PURAN SHAH KOTI.
Mona Singh: Daughter of composer Channi Singh, Mona Singh has become one of the most sought after female voices in Punjab today. Based in the UK, she has been called the Princess of Bhangra.
Jyoti: Jyoti is the one of the famous sister duo Mallika-Jyoti. This is Jyoti’s first solo song. Jyoti has sung Chandi di war in this movie. This is the first time that a female voice has been used to recite Chandi Di War.
Ravi Sheen: Singer composer and lyricist Ravi Sheen has sung and composed the shabad Mittar Pyare Nu for the film. Ravi has graduated from the Department of Indian Theatre, Punjab University, Chandigarh. Apart from the shabad, he has also sung and composed Baiji Baiji and Umran. The lyrics of “Umran beet gaiyian” song is written by Ravi itself. Nabar is Ravi’s debut movie.
1.      Mittar Pyare Nu: The sacred hymn was uttered by the Lord Of The Falcons Guru Gobind Singh on a cold wintry night shortly after he had received the message that his two younger sons had been entombed alive.  It is the only known instance where the Lord Of The Falcons Guru Gobind Singh ji composed a hymn in the tribal and  throaty language called Punjabi. Ravi has done justice with his soul full voice to the holy lyrics of Guru ji.
2.      Chandi Di War (song of War): Chandi di Var also known as Var Sri Bhagauti Ji is a composition included in the 5th chapter of Dasam Granth. It is based on an episode from the Sanskrit work Markandeya Puran and describes the conflict between the Gods and the Demons.  We present Jyoti singing this very difficult shabad of Guru Gobind Singh ji. While the singer is Jyoti of Mallika-Jyoti fame the composer is Amarjot Bhasin , and the music by Tigerstyle gives a new heights to the composition.
3.      Shabad Sajan Mere Rang Le: This shabad is written by Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Siree Raag in Guru Granth Sahib, sung by Jyoti Nooran, (The famous sister of Sultana Nooran coke studio fame) composition and music by Channi Singh.
4.      Gurbani Salokas of Baba Farid sung by Ustad Raza Ali Khan, music and composition by Rohit Sharma. The compostion is very classical keeping in mind the sacred feel of the salokas. Ustad Raza Ali Khan is the grandson of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan from Patiala Gharana and is from Hyderabad, India.
5.      Bai Bai ji: Singer/composer and music by Ravi Sheen, lyrics by Shellee (famous for Luv Shuy Tey Chicken Khurana and Dev D). This is a song which will greatly appeal to the youngsters as it is a happy up beat song.
6.      Umraan: (Singer/composer, music and lyrics by Ravi Sheen) This is romantic sad song. The song is all about a loved one having lost her love…..despite that the memories are alive.
7.      Yaar hi Yaar: Sung by Barkat Sidhu & Mona Singh; composer Channi Singh and written by Munna Dhiman, famous for writing songs for Bollywood hit Delhi Belly & television serial Satyamev Jayate. Another romantic song, this is an attempt to bring a fresh style of music.
8.      Panj Pastola: Sung by Nishawn Bhullar. Two versions of the kalam by Babu Rajab Ali have been incorporated in the album—one music is by Channi Singh and the other is by V Grooves. Composed by Ravi Sheen, this is a youth based song highlighting the story of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Raj Guru. This is first time ever that a kalam has been presented in a film with fusion of music.
9.      Jugni: Two versions of Jugni have been incorporated. Both written by Navpreet Sandhu and both sung by Nishawn Bhullar. For one the music is by Channi Singh while for the other it is by V Grooves. This song high lights issues that affect us all in our day-to-day lives. Truth and justice is want we all want and want our ancestors have been fighting for. Sometimes we shy away from the truth but we cannot ignore it. This is what is incorporated in the song.
Nishawn Bhullar (Son Karam; is also a playback singer in the film): Nishawn Bhullar debuts as the hero in the film. Nishawn has so far been a versatile singer with many hits under his belt.
Rana Ranbir (Karam’s friend Rana): A famous Punjabi artist, Rana Rambir comes out in a very different role in this film.
Hardeep Gill (Karam’s father Surjan Singh): Earlier worked in Hashar and Mitti, this is one of Hardeep Gill’s finest performances ever. He is also a famous name in Punjabi theatre and cinema.
Harvinder Kaur Babli (Karam’s Mother Chindo): A trained artist from the National School of Drama, Harvinder Kaur is now based in Muscat. She is also a known Punjabi cinema and theatre face.
Geetanjali Gill (Karam’s girlfriend Manjit): Niece of renowned actor Avtar Gill, Geetanjali Gill has earlier worked in the television serial `Nooh kisse di changi nahin, dhi kisse di mandi nahin’ for Channel Punjab.
Ashish Duggal (villain Kapura):  Having over 20 years experience, Ashish has worked in more than 35 television serials and over 15 films.
ABOUT `NABAR’ DIRECTOR RAJEEV SHARMA: Hailing from Jagraon, Ludhiana, Rajeev Sharma is an alumnus of the Department of Indian Theatre, Punjab University, Chandigarh. His theatre group Lok Kala Manch, Mandi Mullanpur, Ludhiana is set to celebrate its silver jubilee this year.
While theatre has always been his first love, Rajeev Sharma has been associated with many television channels in senior positions.
``Through films I want to open a dialogue between the urban and rural folk,’’ he says.
Rajeev Sharma has also got international recognition for his movie Nabar. Recently he was honoured by the Government of Canada. Canadian MP Param Gill honoured him for his contribution to theatre and Punjabi cinema at Mashaal Arts, Missisaaga, Canada.
ABOUT NABAR PRODUCER JASBIR SINGH DEREWAL: Jasbir Singh Derewal, producer of the National Award winning film believes it is time to show that there is more to Punjabi cinema than just rom-coms. In an attempt to make meaningful cinema, he brings this movie to theatres all over the world.
Having received much recognition and many awards, Jasbir is not resting on his laurels and feels that he still has much to prove.
Already venturing into his next production, Jasbir Singh Derewal plans to pursue his dream of bringing meaningful Punjabi cinema to the masses.

Sunday, September 1, 2013