Nehru Rose Garden Ludhiana short of basic amenities


There should be a naturopathy centre where massage, steam, mud bath etc be given: Jila Ram Bansal

Ludhiana, July 20, 2019: Nehru Rose Garden Ludhiana is a pollution free beautiful place full of greenery where people come for walking and yoga classes, but his it very painful that the basic amenities have not been provided such as the newly construction toilets have so far been not opened for public, yoga for the people doing yoga and waling where is no shed for the protection from rain and cold, the chairs around the musical fountain are need immediate intention.

There is a demand that there should be a naturopathy centre where massage, steam, mud bath etc. be given. New beautiful trees be planted, stray doggy checked, there should be a committee comprising of people who daily come to rose garden for walking, yoga etc. and also the people from the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation.

On the pattern of Rakhbagh the Rose Garden needs a good cafeteria where senior citizens, walkers and other people of the city who come to Rose Garden take their refreshment. On the same pattern this garden needs other play items on the pattern of Rakhbagh.

About 14 days ago Commissioner MCL visited the rose garden in the morning and Jila Ram Bansal, Yoga Teacher/President PAU Retirees' Welfare Association requested her to immediately get the toilets operational so that people may not urinate in the open. He was also requested to provide all the above facilities in the rose garden. It was promised to get the toilets opened within 2-3 days, which are still not been opened.
It is very painful that with the money of the public if some facilities provided, why these facilities are delayed without any reason. Hope the MC Ludhiana will take noticed of all this and take immediate steps, said Bansal.

Sunday, July 21, 2019