NEWS ANALYSIS: Ravneet Bittu’s candidature corroborates Akali leaders claim

Ludhiana, March 25, 2014: Finally, suspense over the Congress candidate for Ludhiaan parliamentary seat is over. Congress party today declared Ravneet Singh Bittu as its candidate for Ludhiana Lok Sabha seat. The party men in this parliamentary constituency were hoping that Congress MP from this Lok Sabha seat and the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting (IC) would ultimately come here and contest the election. They were hopeful that Tewari would prove that he was a “fighter” and whatever might be the situation he would not run away from the “political pitch”. But, the today’s development has greatly disappointed a major section of Congressmen in Ludhiana parliamentary constituency, particularly all those who were closely associated to him over the decades and working hard.
Political observers strongly believe that the Congressmen closely associated to Tewari might find them in a peculiar situation after the today’s development. These Congressmen would feel a sense of “loneliness”. They would have to take a longer time to come out of “shock”. Further, political observers feel that Tewari was in a position to give a “fight”, if contested the election, to his opponents. Moreover, the recent development will give a chance to the Opposition to “en-cash” the situation.
The Opposition in Punjab, especially the Akali leaders, were already propagating on the stage publically that the Congress leaders such as Manish Tewari considering their defeat in elections were trying to run away from their present constituencies. The today’s development has corroborated all these speculations. There is now cent per cent possibility that the Opposition will make it an election issue, particularly in Ludhiana Lok Sabha constituency. Congress in this parliamentary constituency is already facing “groupism”. Many party leaders have already left the Congress leaders and joined the SAD. What next happens, please wait.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014