Notion Press Publishes ‘Don’t Panic: Lead a Blissful and Happy Life’


Vadodara : The book titled Don’t Panic is published through Notion Press by author Jayesh Mody. It is based on a hypothesis that there is always a boomerang or bounce-back effect in everyone’s life for the deeds done, decisions taken and good or bad thoughts created while living life, in many astonishing ways.

Terrorism, mass murder, gang rape and many such barbaric offenses are shameful acts, which are becoming uncontrollable. The most heinous offense of all is terrorism, which kills many innocents including children and women. The author has tried to justify such offenses as manipulation of the ignorant and innocent. Such offenses not only defame one’s family but even ones motherland. Jayesh dreams of a global world where everyone equally respects his/her country of domicile and country of origin.

When two young brothers carried out terror attacks in Boston in 2013, the author was in USA and was glued to the TV flashing audio-visuals and discussions condemning such a barbaric act. He also saw footages of their mother rushing from her country to Boston wailing about the innocence of her sons. This was unsuspecting mother’s first reaction and led the author to a ground-breaking though: no mother gives birth to a criminal and no mother teaches her children to be terrorists. So will speaking to the parents of terrorists and offenders, and spreading their message to the world be the most effective way to advocate youngsters against crime and terrorism, especially in regions where they are lured into wrongdoing?

It is important to nurture our future generation with values of life by the parents: especially the mother or any woman who plays a vital role in the children’s lives. The author is of the opinion that inculcating proper values can help reduce the chances of heinous acts by youngsters. This will not only help family members of victims avoid bearing painful memories but also prevent the perpetrator’s family undergoing agony—consequently helping maintain peace and harmony in the society.

Throughout the book, the author has tried to convey his thoughts and hypothesis through fiction as well as non-fictional short stories. Most of them are embodied with heartfelt emotions and made lively by interesting dialogues.

In the current scenario of globalization, before such threats spread all over the world, we must learn from the prevailing situation in the developed countries as to how to prevent them, feels Jayesh.

Various suggestions as to how one can get over such painful memories, which were created by past actions or incidents, have been mentioned in this book. For example, he has strongly advocated one to remain focused on their conscience that can serve as a beacon light for happiness.

Jayesh Mody is a post-graduate in Zoology and a graduate in Law and, has travelled different part of the world, which helped him create a repository of stories and experiences.

Monday, July 17, 2017