Nova IVI Fertility celebrates Lohri with IVF babies


Dr Sushma Chawla (President, IMA Jalandhar) and Dr RL Bassan (Civil Surgeon, Jalandhar) and Dr Jasmine Kaur giving Lohri gifts to the families.

Jalandhar, January 11, 2014: Nova IVI Fertility, part of Nova Medical Centers organised IVF Babies Felicitation Meet at their Jalandhar center on the occasion of Lohri . More than 50 IVF families gathered with their bundles of joy, spreading a social message to Save the Girl Child. The event was attended by renowned doctors from across the city, parents and family members of all the children born through IVF technology.
The state is infamous for its skewed sex ratio of 893 females per 1,000 males, one of the lowest among the states but it needs to be halted. The continuous decline in the relative number of girls in Punjab is extremely concerning and Nova IVI believes putting efforts to save the girl child is the need of the hour as female foeticide refuses to die down. This celebration marked commemoration to this important movement of nurturing the girl child and creating awareness on protecting the rights of girl child.
Dr. Jasmine Kaur - Clinical Director, Nova IVI Fertility, and Jalandhar stated, “Lohri festival is usually celebrated when a baby boy is born in the family but Nova IVI Fertility resolved to dedicate this occasion to encourage the birth of a girl child. We have been able to bring joy to many married couples and their families with the gift of life that they have been longing for years. This felt like the right time to bring these people together and I am delighted to see so many families, that we have helped, joining us for Lohri celebration dedicated to all daughters”.
She further added, “The skills or our staff, the technological advancements we focus upon, excellence in clinical care, the stringent quality standards we maintain, the commitment, dedication and the passion has contributed to our success. Nova IVI fertility centers aim to revolutionize fertility services in the country. We pride ourselves on providing efficiency, technological excellence, and the highest code of ethics combined with compassion. The center is dedicated to helping couples by offering a comprehensive range of treatments at an affordable price”.
Families from all over Jalandhar that had benefited from the use of IVF got together to meet, greet and share their own personal stories. They received information, advice and fertility and treatment planning support amid the celebrations. The main purpose of this celebration was to make people aware of the social evil of female foeticide.
About Nova IVI Fertility
Nova IVI Fertility, a 100% subsidiary of Nova Medical Centers, has partnered with IVI, Spain to introduce the most sophisticated Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in India. This partnership has resulted in substantial addition to Nova's IVF services and technology, including proprietary software, training and quality management. With IVI's know-how and vast international expertise, Nova brings the same exceptional standard of processes, protocols and policies that has helped thousands of births. More importantly, the Nova IVI ART Bank now provides oocyte freezing (vitrification) and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in India.
This successful partnership has helped establish a world-class research facility in India that has the most robust database for clinical research in the field of infertility treatments, making Nova IVI a market leader in ART and clinical outcomes.
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Nova Medical Centers develops, acquires, owns and operates Ambulatory Surgical Centers in partnership with surgeons across India. Ambulatory or Short-stay surgeries are procedures that take between 24 - 72 hours from admission to patient discharge. Nova provides leading surgeons from diverse specialties with comprehensive ultra-modern facilities comprising doctor's offices, operating rooms, diagnostics, imaging, health check-up area, pathology laboratory and a pharmacy. By specializing only in Short-stay surgical procedures, Nova improves patient experience and contains costs while increasing operating efficiency. Nova's innovative health services model offers unparalleled quality and affordability.
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Saturday, January 11, 2014