A novel Skit on Road Safety performed on road at Miyapur Traffic junction by four Transgenders advocating commuters to wear seatbelts and helmets


Transgenders played the role of Traffic and Road Safety Ambassadors at Miyapur today

Hyderabad, January 10, 2019: You have always run away from Transgenders. You rolled up your car window when a group of transgenders approached you at the traffic signal. You have always fought with them when you encountered them unexpectedly at the new shop inaugurations and demanding unreasonable money. You have also seen them dancing at weddings. They bless you when you pay them and curse you when you don't. You have always seen them in negative roles. But, what we have not seen is eunuchs doing some social work. Conveying a social message of public interest. Strange isn't it.

The commuters today at Miyapur Chowrasta were taken by shock when they spotted four transgenders, Sakathiya, M. Saniya, J. Renuka and D. Gomathi sporting uniform of the Air Hostess. Dressed like air cabin crew they gave out road safety instructions to the motorists. When the traffic was stalled at the Red Signal they played a one and half minute skit to the voiceover in Telugu emphasizing the commuters to wear seatbelts and helmets while driving. And the skit was repeated several times for about one and half hour.

While they were performing the skit, members of the Rotary organization held placards with various slogans and messages. They also distributed pledge literature.

These transgenders traveled all the way from Chennai. A team of three lady Rotarians from Chennai also accompanied the transgenders.

The program was jointly organized by four Rotary Clubs namely Rotary Club of Miyapur, RC Puram, Greater Hyderabad, Smart Hyderabad. It was in partntership with Rotary Club of Chennai Royals. It was the idea of Rotary Club of Chennai Royals, using Transgenders in Air Hostess outfits as traffic ambassadors. They embarked on this initiative and planned to visit multiples cities. They came to Hyderabad as part of nine city campaign. These nine cities include Dharmapuri, Tirupur, Palakkad, Kasaragod, Hubli, Bijapur, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Ongole.

Wear seatbelts and helmets, we will bless you, the transgenders said. It is a very fulfilling experience. Transgenders are viewed in a bad light by the society. We are happy to get associated with such a laudable effort, they commented.

Though wearing seatbelts and helmets are made mandatory by traffic, RTO and Road Safety authorities, not many oblige them. Even though it is a fineable act, still people shy away from wearing a seat belt and helmet. City roads are very dangerous and there is no guarantee that they go back home safely. The World Health Organization informs that only 27 percent of drivers wear a seat belt even though it's mandatory. In such circumstances, drives like these are need of the hour, added transgender Sakithiya

The campaign is titled as Royal Odyssey. Rotarians work for the betterment of the society. It is also the responsibility of our every citizen. Accidents hurt, but safety not. Accidents devastate life, families. Make people paralyzed. Safety is very much important commented the Rotary Presidents: Rotary club of Smart Hyderabad - president Dr. Kaiser Jameel; Rotary club of Miyapur - President Mr. Satish Gaddam; Rotary Club of Greater Hyderabad - president Mr. Kiran Thota and Rotary club of Chandanagar - President Mrs. Vijaya Durga. We have executed this initiative without disturbing traffic and causing inconvenience to the motorists, they explained. Mr. Srinivas Reddy, Inspector of Police and others have extended their full cooperation.

With the number of new vehicles hitting roads, traffic woes are growing. Motorists are subjected to many freak accidents. Awareness and public education like this are more important and always welcome, observed some commuters. They thanked the police and rotary for such a laudable initiative, which goes a long way they observed.

This is not the first-time Rotary Club of Miyapur embarked on such a novel initiative. In April last year, they took up a novel traffic safety awareness program. They used Yamadharmaraju and Chitragupta who served notices to riders driving without a helmet to wear a helmet and drive safe. In order to attract the attention of commuters the club dressed few volunteers as Yama Dharma Raja, Chitragupta and supporting soldiers.

Thursday, January 10, 2019