ONCE AGAIN: Capt Amarinder asks Saini not to breach his service brief


Chandigarh, October 24, 2012: Former Chief Minister and President Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Capt Amarinder Singh today asked the Director General of Punjab Police Sumedh Singh Saini to stick to service discipline and not pass flippant comments.

He asked Saini to leave politics to politicians and get down to his own business of maintaining law and order in Punjab which is otherwise touching its nadir with rampant crime and drug addiction, both of which are on the increase.

Reacting to Saini’s statement to the press, Capt Amarinder asked him, “Are you the Chief Minister or the Home Minister of Punjab to come out with political statements?”

The former Chief Minister said, the police officials have no business to indulge in political posturing to please their political bosses. This neither goes with the discipline of their services nor the decorum of the office of the DGP.

That a DGP should comment on the functioning of the Congress, which represents millions of people across the state, and level a mindless allegation against it is not the DGPs business, the PCC President said.

He reiterated his advice to the DGP to restrict his business to policing. He should look into the rising crime, the widespread drug addiction, the broad day light dacoities, robberies and murder which are his primary and only responsibility.

The Punjab police is a fine force, however a force at any particular time is only as good as the man who leads it. This is where he should concentrate, the former Chief Minister advised.

Capt Amarinder reminded Saini that he has been the Chief Minister and Home Minister of Punjab for five years and he knows how the police functions and should function.   

“You should refrain from making statements about the Congress functioning and leave that job to me”, he asked him, while adding, “a public servant must act in accordance with set service rules and not by breaching discipline or exceeding his brief”.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012