ONE-ACT PLAY ON SOCIAL-EVILS: Dedicated to Jaspal Bhatti


City Air News photo: Harish K. Monga

Ferozepur, November 11, 2012:  For the first time in the history of Feozepur, Action Group of Research in Education and Environment (AGREED)  Foundation, Ferozepur, an active NGO committed for social services and providing pollution free environment, organised a stage play “Jinne Jhalle Mere Palle” produced by the artists of  Sparsh, Abohar.

The play was dedicated to eminent comedian Jaspal Bhatti, who had died few days back in an accident while he was going back home after promotion of his film `Power Cut’.

As a mark of respect and to give grant to the departed soul, two minutes silence was observed before starting the play.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. S. Karuna Raju, deputy commissioner, Ferozepur said, “In today’s age, the education has special importance and the students should spend most of their time in education and sports because they are future of the nation and they should come forward to eradicate the social evils like drug addiction, female foeticide and dowry”.

He said, “Our generation is standing on the cross roads and they need proper guidance to values of life.  The students should not be after the number of marks obtained but after the values like discipline and punctuality in life”.

He further said, the human-beings are forgetting their duties in the race of minting money.  He appreciated the initiative taken by the Sparsh Abohar for organising the plays on social evils.

Admiring the aims and objects of Agreed Foundation, he said, we should plant the maximum tries so that incidence like Tsunami and earth quakes could be reduced.

Sunday, November 11, 2012