OPINION: MAMNOHAN SINGH PM speaks less but speaks well from tailored made text

It is a common complaint from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that he does not speak that much as is required from a Prime Minister. At the same time, it is expected from Head of the Nation to maintain a continuous dialogue with the public.  But what he spoke at Darban, while coming back from BRICS conference on the board to the media persons, would remain a talk of the town and the same related to whole politics of the nation. 

In view of Lok Sabha elections due in 2014, the political furor has taken the momentum and perhaps it is due to the fact that most of the things are undecided, undoubtful, unspecified and even indefinite.  For example, in both the major alliance groups, there is uncertainty over the unanimous choice of Prime Minister.

In the UPA led Congress government, Rahul Gandhi is being projected as ‘Future Prime Minister’ but Rahul Gandhi himself has not admitted this fact from the core of his heart.  It is also said that in case UPA comes again in power, there are possibilities that Rahul Gandhi may not accepted the post of Prime Minister and may propose the name of some other candidate.

Now the predictions are that Manmohan Singh would retire after 2014 but now he himself has said that it is not necessary and he may continue in the normal life.  He might have said this keeping in mind that he may not be treated as retired and in the fag end year, he might be taken like that. The last year of second term of Manmohan Singh is not only for the Prime Minister but is crucial to decide the future of the nation.

The general consensus is that PM thinks rightly on the economic issues but he is failure in implementation of his policies at the political level.  When all the parties have tightened their belts for the 2014 elections, it would be difficult to implement the economic reforms. No doubt, the nation has development due to economic reforms but in the political set-up it is still termed as anti-people campaigns. In such circumstances, it is an easy task for any political party or leader to oppose the economic steps taken by the government.  Prime Minister himself is saying that he cannot be dependent on all-time support of the alliance parties and for taking the economic decision, he has to use his full political credibility and power. How far it is correct to say that he will complete his full term without the support on the economic issues? Only the time will tell.

One thing is crystal clear that falling of government at this stage is not going to benefit to any political party and rather the party taking this initiative would harm its own image for propagating to bring instability when outside supporter Mulayam Singh Yadav has already made it clear that there is no fun of dropping the government when only eight-nine months are left for the next elections.  The political vision of the Prime Minister needs to be welcomed because it is a political post and without involvement in political crisis, no Prime Minister can implement its policies.  We should expect that the post of   the highest non-political Prime Minister, as of today, is permanent, lasting, abiding, durable, standing, steady and stable and fixed, in the interest of the nation, even if he speaks less but he definitely speaks well.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author in this article are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of City Air News.)

Sunday, March 31, 2013