OPINION: Will terrorism end with hanging of Kasab?


Birth is a not a right, it is a biological process and death is certain. The question is only as to how you spend the short and long span of life between birth and death.  Timely deaths, when you are old or sometime suffering from chronic disease for a longer period and confined to bed, have to be accepted but in medical science, till such time, the treatment is available or otherwise to study for future research purposes, the persons should be kept alive.

At the same time, death of any person can’t be a reason, cause, coincidence or situation to be happy even if he is Ajmal Amir Kasab? Kasab too died as any other could have died in a terrorist’s war.  He must have been instigated to die in honour of a religion for killing the innocent persons but the price of work was not less than the cost of a weapon, which is thrown after its use.

The conspirators and planners of ISI, Hafiz, Lakhvi , Pakistan Army and ISI agents, are safe in Pakistan .  Even if the legal proceedings were initiated against Hafiz and Lakhvi, the same was mere a drama. Lakhvi was even blessed with a child while in jail.  It is said that his wife could come in the jail without any restriction.   Whereas those who were involved in terrorism of 26/11, the Pakistan refused to claim their dead bodies. 

According to Indian government, a letter was sent to Pakistan about giving sentence to Kasab and dispatching his dead body to Pakistan but it was refused to be accepted.  Kasab was a terrorist but the Pakistan soldiers who died in Kargil war, Pakistan had refused to own them even.  In the war of terrorism, the fate of small chessmen is like Kasab.

Some terrorists of national level think that blood in lieu of blood can solve all the problems.  Kasab has been hanged but the problem has not been solved.  Till such time, the head of terrorism are safe; the danger like 26/11 would remain there.  The target should be to nab them who are having the support of Pakistan.  The person like Kasab, who are illiterate and poor young’s are misguided, should also be behind the bar to face the legal action.

In fact, Pakistan government and society had apprehension that one day Kasab will be hanged as all proofs were against him and legal process is a formality and under the Indian Penal Code, the rare of the rarest punishment would be given.  In view of these circumstances, it does not look that there will be fissure, crevice, crack, cleft, slit in relations between India and Pakistan. According to the law, the punishment to a culprit is a separate issue and to improve the relations between the two countries is a different issue.  Pakistan is not all in favour of accepting the dead bodies of terrorists and buried them on the land of Pakistan but is not in favour of making this a big issue.

Pakistan government and people of the society should now think that stage manager, director, controller, wirepuller especially in a puppet show had in fact, are ruling over  Pakistan and poor youngsters are being used in the death games and the fate of Kasab will not affect to end the terrorism.  It is, in other words, a complicated and long operation but the grave in Yervada Jail premises would remain a witness of terrorism in India.

Friday, November 23, 2012