A Parrot Causes Nuisance for Sony Sab’s Trideviyaan


The Trideviyaan cast - Shalini Sahuta, Aishwarya Sakhuja, Rituraj Singh & Samaira Rao.

After successfully defeating all the villians, Trideviyaan are up for yet another trouble, but this time it is caused by a Parrot. Trideviyaan which airs from Monday - Friday at 9.30pm will now see a parrot creating problems for Dhanu (Aishwarya Sakhuja), Tanu (Samiara Rao) and Manu (Shalini Sahuta).

In the upcoming episode, Dinananth (Rituraj Singh) comes to know that Musa who is a dangerous goon is planning to plot three bombs in Mumbai in three days. Dinanath immediately commands Trideviyaan to get hold of Musa and stop the bomb blast. Soon, they find Musa but have no clue where the bombs are. The Trideviyaan successfully handover Musa to the Police team which was led by Shaurya. Shaurya then tries to look for the bombs at Musa’s residence. Instead he finds a Parrot! Amused by the parrot, Shaurya decides to bring it home. The Parrot whose name is Charlie is apparently a robot trained by Musa, and is on a mission to plant the bombs. As soon as Charlie comes to the Chauhan’s residence, he starts creating a ruckus for Trideviyaan. He keep saying the girls are secret agents which surprises everyone in the Chauhan house.

Will everyone realise the actual identities of Dhanu, Tanu and Manu? Will Charlie successfully plant the bombs?

Shalini Sahuta who plays the role Manu said, “I love pets. I immediately get excited while shooting with a bird or an animal. He is smart and cute. Everyone on the set were very fond of him. In this track, he is a robot who is trained to plot a bomb. He creates a lot of trouble for Trideviyaan when he keeps repeating that the girls are secret agents. How Trideviyaan will save their identity will be worth the watch.”

Monday, April 10, 2017