Peritoneal dialysis care centre inaugurated in CMCH


Ludhiana, July 5, 2014: Department of Nephrology, Christian Medical College and Hospital Inaugurated Peritoneal Dialysis Care Centre. The Dialysis care centre was inaugurated by Dr.Vijay Obed, Associate Director, CMC& H. CMC, Ludhiana is one of the few centres which is offering all the 3 modalities of renal replacement therapy for end stage renal disease, consisting of haemodialysis (blood dialysis), peritoneal dialysis ( home dialysis) and renal transplantation in a well structured manner.
“Our PD program is having a dedicated room, the peritoneal dialysis centre of care (PDCC) where all PD related education and training is given. We have a dedicated PD nurse who manages the manual and electronic data-base of each and every patient” said, Dr.Jasmine Das.
Giving more information regarding the centre Dr.Jasmine said,”We have launched a book, standards of care in peritoneal dialysis (SOCPD) which has protocols and guidelines, practised internationally”. The first acuteperitoneal dialysis for the treatment of suspected acute renal failure was performed in the early 1960’s in CMCL. Chronic peritoneal dialysis for chronic renal failure was started from 2005 onwards in CMCL.
We started the structured peritoneal dialysis (PD)program from the year 2011. Since then we have initiated PD on more than 75 patients. Our PD unit is catering its services not only to the patients of Ludhiana and of various other places in Punjab but also of the neighboring states like J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and UP. Our PD unit promotes medical tourism and we are presently providing our services to an NRI from Hongkong as well. Our PD unit is providing both continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) for chronic kidney disease and APD for acute kidney injury in critically ill patients
One of the patients on PD has undergone coronary artery bypass grafting successfully in CMCL.
Our unit is not only aiming to give the best treatment to its patients but also focusing on giving pre-dialysis education to the patients reaching in pre-dialysis stage and also working on the outreach programs to increase awareness in the community.
Dr Timothy Rajamanikam, Dr Pratish George and others were also present on the occasion.

Saturday, July 5, 2014