Plastic Surgery Day observed at DMCH


A photograph related to Plastic Surgery Day being observed at DMCH, Ludhiana.

Ludhiana, July 15, 2015: DMCH today observed World Plastic Surgery Day by introducing a 24 hours Burn Helpline No.946469 1616. The number was released by Principal Dr Sandeep Puri. The origin of Plastic Surgery started in India in 600 BC when Shushruta, an Indian surgeon created a new nose from a person’s forehead skin. To spread the advent of this speciality world wide the Association of Plastic Surgeons started celebrating 15th July ever year as Plastic Surgery Day
Dr Sanjeev Uppal (Professor & Head of Plastic Surgery), said that on this occasion, plastic surgeons all over the world make people understand what really is plastic surgery and its advantages apart from providing cosmetic relief.  He further informed  that Department  of  Plastic  Surgery  and  Burn  Unit at DMCH  is  able  to  deliver  skilled,  improved, organized and more dedicated super  specialty services to the patients. He further added that the repair of cleft lip and palate in children is done free of cost in the hospital under Smile Train Project. Every year 35,000 children in India are born with clefts. Without corrective surgery, these children are condemned to a lifetime of isolation and suffering. Some a re even abandoned at birth.
According to Dr Rajinder Mittal, Professor Plastic Surgery, most of the people do not know about the option of plastic and reconstructive surgery. This is because unlike specialties such as cardiac and orthopaedic surgeries and neurosurgery, this subject does not relate to any particular organ. Plastic surgeons operate from
Secretary of DMCH Managing Society-Sh Prem Kumar Gupta appreciated the efforts of Plastic Surgery Department to bring latest plastic surgery techniques to DMC & Hospital . He told that Dr Ramneesh Garg and Dr Sheerin Shah have just returned from USA after advanced training in Cancer Reconstruction and Cosmetic Surgery respectively.
The department of Plastic Surgery conducted sessions on First Aid in Burns and Reconstructive Options in Plastic Surgery at Govt Schools at Gobind Nagar and Sarabha Nagar as part of the “ Plastic Surgery for Masses” campaign launched today by the department .
The faculty and residents of the department also interacted with the patients and their attendants and informed about the facilities and services being offered by the department. Medical Superintendent Dr Sandeep Sharma, Medical Superintendent (Hero DMC Heart Institute) Dr Bishav Mohan and Assistant Dean Academics Dr Sandeep Kaushal were also present on the occasion.
Wednesday, July 15, 2015