Postal Administration Should Tighten Nose to Improve Efficiency: CICU


Ludhiana, August 18, 2012: Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU) Management has condemned the recent uncalled for and irresponsible behavior of postman who used to throw business mails and important letters on the road side and never used to deliver to the concerned traders.

According to the CICU joint secretary Upkar Singh, in order to wriggle out of allegations, the postman in turn entered into the heated arguments and misbehaved with harassed traders, who were suffering financial losses due to non-receipt of business documents sent through post by their parties.

He asserted that the Postal Administration should have a turnaround mechanism, including improving behavior of postmen, bringing needy improvement in behavior and politeness while dealing with public and introducing monitoring mechanism.

Adding, he said verification of delivery of postal letters was the need of the hour. He also sought retrenchment of inefficient and ill-mannered staff. He sought that Postal Administration should Identify the number of such people to rein in acts of misbehavior.

The measures should also include fixation of time schedule for providing postal services to avoid long standing queues at the counters and reducing postal services charges. He believed that postal charges were comparatively higher than that of private courier service.

Singh also demanded launch of new product line and offering all kinds of communication services in far flung areas and improving quality of services:

He also sought improvement in productivity and also to examine the reason why productivity was so low resulting to which volume was sharply down, lack of automation or in efficient work method. 

“Adoption of these measures will provide opportunities for efficiency gains and reduced costs”, he hoped.

Saturday, August 18, 2012