PPBM alleges excise and taxation officials harassing traders


Punjab pradesh beopar mandal (PPBM) Mohinder Aggarwal showing a form that has been distributed by the officials of the Department of Excise and Taxation at Ludhiana.

Photo: City Air News

Ludhiana, October 18, 2012: Punjab pradesh beopar mandal (PPBM) Mohinder Aggarwal has strongly condemned the local excise and taxation authorities for harassing the traders’ community on one or other pretext.

Speaking to City Air News today, he told that now, the local officials of the Department of Excise and Taxation were distributing forms from door-to-door asking shopkeepers to return these forms to the department after filling all the columns.

He told that the shopkeepers were being asked to provide their respective TIN No, name of firm, address, mobile number, landline number, e-mail ID, PAN Number, name of proprietor/partners, commodity in which they deal, name of advocate and accountant with their contact number, total tax paid 92011-12) and total tax paid (2012-13).

Further, he told that it was surprising to note that the department was asking this information whereas the traders had already submitted their information to the department. He said these notices had already been distributed in the areas of Mata Rani Road, Chaura Bazaar, Akal Market, Clock Tower, Partap Bazaar, Town Hall Road, Meena Bazaar, Daresi Road, GT Road, old Sabzi Mandi, Hazoori Road and Daal Bazaar.

He questioned that when the department had already all the required information then why it had been forcing the traders to file it again. Moreover, the department had also started charging processing fee of Rs. 800 from each firm for this particular task, he said, adding therefore, it was duty of the departmental officials to locate the required information from their offices computers/files, if required.

He categorically said they would be constrained to take some legal action, in case this practice was not stopped.

Thursday, October 18, 2012