Pramod Laxman Mahajan on a 10000 Kilometre Journey to promote Organ Donation makes a pit stop at event hosted by Sankara College of Optometry & CII-Young Indians


~A Farmer who donated his kidney to Ex-Army Person is travelling across 18 states to promote organ donation, inspires Sankara College of Optometry Students to become organ donation ambassadors~

Bangalore, January 10, 2018: The best way of spreading awareness is to educate the future generations and the Yuva Chapter of Sankara College of Optometry organised a session on Organ donation. Also as a part of organ donation awareness drive they organised the kite flying fest that had message in it on pledging organs which was gifted to the students to create awareness. These vibrant kites with messages were flown by the students along with Mr.Pramod Mahajan the doctors of Sankara Eye Hospital and CII Young Indians.

While we read reports of green channels being created and many families coming forward to donate organs of their dear ones after they have passed on, many myths and beliefs come in the way of increasing the lives saved through Organ donation & transplantation.

Mr Pramod Laxman Mahajan a farmer by occupation had his life change when an opportunity arose to help a complete stranger who had served India protecting its borders as part of the Army. “I was able to impact not just one person but an entire family. The person i donated my kidney to is today the proud father of 2 sons. Not only have I in a way given life to two more beings, but am able to travel across India promoting Organ Donation. My health has not suffered one bit. What then is your excuse not to consider organ donation?”, he prodded the audience.

“This initiative was taken by the Yuva Chapter of Sankara College of Optometry to create awareness among the students and make them socially responsible so that they in turn they can motivate and spread the word among their elders and peer groups to come forward for organ donation.” shared Mr Manoj Jeswani, Unit Head Sankara Eye Hospital, Bangalore.

Mahajan with a detailed road map and a customised motorbike Mahajan and ReBirth volunteers will be travelling across India – 18 states to be precise – for more than 10000km in 100 days to spread awareness on organ donation.

Around 100 students were present at the session. The kites will be flown for one week to create awareness on organ donation at Sankara Eye Hospital.

Thursday, January 10, 2019