Witnessing the ongoing schedule of Parliament Elections 2019 it is mandatory for the public to understand - What is the Model Code of Conduct ? Why the Election Commission ensures its observance on political parties and the contesting candidates ? How important is to conduct free, fair and peaceful Elections as per Article 324 of Constitution of India. Today Lawyers being vital cog of society need to have an obligation to spread awareness on the Election Laws as well as on the norms related to Model Code of Conduct and appraise public towards it’s inalienable fundamental right to vote and rekindle faith in their minds that to cast a vote is a privilege and not an obligation . Hence if the democracy is to flourish, the people need have an enviable role in electing a political team and side by it is the need of hour for the commons to show concern and attain the knowledge relating to the conduct of election rules and the value of their right over casting vote.
The Election Commission of India also needs to project and follow the transparent electoral process as observed in Western countries in an endeavour to avoid spillover in our country’s politics and have check on official machinery for the electoral purposes is not· misused and that electoral offence, malpractices and corrupt practices such as impersonation, bribing, propagating false claims and inducement, threat and intimidation to the voters are prevented by all means. ensuring that highest standard of morality and purity within its mandate are performed apprehending against any violation, and avoid any untoward incident ensuring free and fair parliamentary elections.
(Author Harpreet Sandhu is an Advocate, Punjab & Haryana High Court)

Monday, April 29, 2019