Punjab Breaking News- Daughters also eligible for grant of family pension

Chandigarh, December 8, 2014: The Punjab Finance department has clarified to all head of departments, commissioners of division and deputy commissioner that the daughters are eligible for family pension as per the latest decision of Punjab and Haryana High Court
The spokesperson   clarified that the daughters , irrespective of their of marriage, up to the age of 25 and if she continues to be unmarried even after beyond 25 years shall be entitled for family pension subject to the usual condition that if she starts earning livelihood, the family pension shall be stopped .
He further clarified that in the case daughter is suffering from disability which prevents her from earning a livelihood, she will continue to get family pension even after the age the 25 years, irrespective of her marriage. He said that the above provisions are subject to other conditions being fulfilled as per relevant rules for grant of family pension.
The spokesperson said that the Punjab Government has amended the relevant provisions of Punjab Civil Service rules accordingly.
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Monday, December 8, 2014