Punjab Cardio-Vascular Surgeon teaches young surgeons


Dr Harinder Singh Bedi interacting and teaching young surgeons.

Ludhiana, October 10, 2012: It was a treat for the young surgeons from all over the world to have a one to one discussion and a hands on teaching from a world renowned faculty at the 19th Annual Conference of the Vascular Surgeons of India which was held recently at Jaipur .

Dr Harinder Singh Bedi – Head of Cardio Vascular Surgery at the prestigious Christian Medical College & Hospital Ludhiana was on the panel of the Faculty. He said that the senior faculty taught the young post MS and MCh postgraduate surgeons the finer points of vascular anastomosis. This was done by actually working on pigs aorta (blood vessel) with the same sutures as used in humans. The conference was attended by doctors from over 12 countries from all over the world including the American group from Albany USA and the European surgeons from the European Vascular Society.

The delegates had a very useful interaction. Dr Bedi said that vascular surgery is one of the finest surgeries possible. A stitch which is wrong by just a mm can have a devastating effect on the results. If it is a surgery on a leg artery it can jeopardise the leg leading to amputation. If it is a heart artery it can lead to death. Therefore it is essential to teach young surgeons in a lab where a mistake can be corrected without affecting a patient.

Dr Abraham G Thomas – Director of CMC & H – said that a beating heart bypass is one of the very pinnacles of any vascular surgery as there is no room for error. It was a blessing for the young surgeons to be taught by a senior cardio-vascular surgeon who gladly gave valuable tips and practical pointers to perform a perfect anastomosis so that a patient does well.

At the conference Dr Bedi presented a number of papers, posters and chaired important sessions. Dr Bedi being one of the senior most members of the VSI was on the distinguished advisory committee of the conference the motto of which was ‘Consensus in Vascular Surgery’. The International delegates were very impressed by the tremendous work being done in CMC Ludhiana.

Thursday, October 11, 2012