Punjab seeks Another Green Revolution



In the last few days, reports of the Environment and Forest Department of Punjab kept us shivering. The Punjab, which stands at the 20th position according to the area's area, is presently second in the case of deforestation. Today, in the name of development, Sturdy wide roads, where we are paying expensive toll tax; the neglect of our own and the governments, there has left our future in the mouth of death. The lack of greenery has wrecked the beauty of Punjab, along with the heavier concentrated fogs in the winter and the increasing temperature in the summer. Our lives are having a lot of difficulties. Deficiency of oxygen and increasing pollution is constantly reducing our age. In these circumstances, the demand is that Punjab again needs a 'Green Revolution'. But this revolution will not be on the farms but in the form of forests and trees. Tree-plantation instead of showing exhibitions should be organized practically and appropriately take care of the plants already sown should be done. If a tree is cut off, be sure to replace it with a new tree. If governments were to maintain their strength, then this problem would not have happened, so leave expecting from them and take your own responsibility.

Sunday, June 30, 2019