Qualified and registered consultants to design earthquake resistant structures- By Ar Sanjay Goel

Majority of Ludhiana/Punjab buildings are not designed by government registered architects and structural consultants, hence chances of major disaster is always there in case of major earthquake in future.
Government must made it compulsory to get all buildings designed and supervised by registered consultants only.
Ludhiana being haphazard and congested city is more prone to disasters.
Earthquake is one of the major natural disasters that owes the most number of victims under its name. Today we have made our life easier and better with the various technological advancements made by the mankind. Everything we need is just a click away. And now we are all set to make our world better with smart cities. But where do we stand when it comes to the safety of our buildings?
Today, an earthquake measuring 7.5 magnitude epicentred in northeastern Afghanistan struck at 2.40 pm, sending tremors that were felt in India, Pakistan and many were killed.
Twelve schoolgirls killed in Taloqan, Afghanistan, trying to escape earthquake. The quake shook buildings in North India, sending people rushing into the streets. 
The earthquake was located at a depth of 190 km. According to the IMD, the temblor occurred at 14:39:31 hours at latitude 36.5 degree north and 70.8 degree east in the Hindukush region of Afghanistan. 
The quake reminded of the horror of the massive temblor that struck India-Pakistan region on October 8, 2005. Over 1,400 people were killed in India. 
And even after 10 years we still have no solution for reducing the number of deaths and damages that we face by the hands of the earthquake. It is our duty to find and implement technologies that can make our buildings withstand the force of an earthquake so that it does not come down collapsing on our lives.
 Before Smart cities we need to make disaster resistant structures, we need to ensure that each and every building is constructed with full consultation with qualified engineers and architects only. Because it’s not the earthquakes that kill people, buildings do !!!!!  
*Author is Chairman, Indian Institute of Architects Chandigarh Punjab Chapter (IIACPC)
Monday, October 26, 2015