Rahul must stop watching Indian women through Italian glasses: Tarun Chugh


On Rahul's 'women in shorts' comment, BJP seeks apology
Chandigarh, October 11, 2017: BJP has slammed Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for his comments on 'Have you seen a woman in RSS Shakhas wearing shorts?'.
The party has sought an apology from Rahul Gandhi for his comment that has hurt the feelings of crores of Indians living in and outside India.
BJP National Secretary Tarun Chugh said Rahul has once again exposed himself. He has again proved that that he was not a man of Indian ethos and values.
"He wants to see Indian women in shorts. That's what he could think of Indian women," Chugh said adding that the Congress leader's comments were indecent and derogatory.
Chugh said that RSS was a responsible and respected organization which bats for Indian religio-social values. The organization has been striving hard to inculcate Indian ethos and cultural values since long, he said.
Alleging that Congress was always against the respect and dignity of the women, the BJP leader said, it was unfortunate that the highly objectionable comment came from none other than the de-facto president of Congress who was also his party's Prime Ministerial candidate.

Terming Rahul's comments as highly insensitive, Chugh said it was a historically proven fact that Nehru-Gandhi family had always been influenced by the west. He said it was sad that a young leader, whose party has pinned high hopes on him, was concentrating on what women wear and has laid bare his thoughts that he want to see Indian women in shorts.
Chugh said Rahul owes an unconditional apology to all the Indian women for his unsavory comments.
Taunting Rahul for his historical blunder, the BJP leader said, "Seeing Indian women in shorts - Is this Rahul's idea of women empowerment?"

Wednesday, October 11, 2017