Rakshanda Khan returns to television as Naagin on Zee Tv;s Nelli Chhatri Waale

Actor Rakshanda Khan on zee tv

Rakshanda Khan. 

Rakhshanda Khan has seen fame and success in all her roles done on TV previously, right from being a household name to the vamp, she has done it all. Now, post her maternity, the actor is ready to make a comeback in a never seen role before .ie. as a Naagin’ post her maternity! She has been selected to play an important cameo in the special episode on ‘Neeli Chatri Waale’ on the the Karvachauth Special – 2 Hour Maha Movie this weekend at 8 pm.
Neeli Chatri Waale has struck the right chord with audiences with its unconventional storyline and continues to surprise them with lighthearted drama and entertainment. Rakshanda who is very excited to play the role of Naagin on this show says, “It’s an interesting character and not a typical icchadhaari naagin. I won’t stick out like a sore thumb in those Amrapali costumes. I will be shown as a normal woman in different get-ups”. 
On striking a balance between her new born baby and work, she added, “I am fortunate to have Sachin (Tyagi) as my husband. He took two-days leave from work to take care of our child so that I could shoot. On the first day after wrapping up, I rushed back home to be with my child without even removing my make-up. It was amusing as she couldn’t recognise me for about two minutes. It was only when I picked her up that she understood that I was her mother.”
Get ready for the Maha movie of Neeli Chatri Waale, where a sadhu transforms a snake into a beautiful woman after she receives a boon. Soon after, as Shivay informs Bhagwan Das about him being a snake in his previous birth, the Naagin begins her search for her lost husband (Bhagwan Das) from her previous birth. Her search brings her to Kuttewali Gali after which she enters Bhagwan Das’ house as a snake and morphs as a beautiful woman. Sensing the Naagin’s menace, Bhagwan Das appears to be swayed by the Naagin’s charm and on the night of Karvachauth, the Nagin abducts Bhagwan Das and Bobby as a devoted wife prays to God for the safety of her husband! Will Bobby ever be united with her beloved Bhagwan Das? Or will Bobby’s prayers go unanswered?
Watch Neeli Chatri Waale Mahamovie at 7 pm on 31st October, only on Zee TV!
Thursday, October 29, 2015