Rapid Fire with Kratika Sengar


The beautiful girl who shot to fame with Jhansi Ki Rani and currently plays
 Aarti on Zee TVⳠPunarvivaah fields our rapid fire round
 One thing you avoid doing on the sets?

 Losing my temper.

 Where do you want your dream house to be?

 Well I haven't thought of a dream house but surely want a farm house in Lonavala or Pune.

 How different are Aarti of Punarvivaah and Kratika ?

Very. She has a lot of patience and manages to handle criticism and outlashes from so many people in her life. I⬬ kick their butts if they try that with me!

 Gurmeet Chaudhry is ?

A thoroughly professional co-star!

 Any chemistry there?

Only on screen!

 Then who have you been linked to lately?

Saravar Ahuja whoⳠnot even a part of Punarvivaah anymore务ll it took was for us to enter and leave the Punarvivaah 100 episodes party together and it set everyoneⳠtongues wagging. Silly people, my co-stars and crew!

 Your dream job?

 The one that I am doing now, Acting (smiles).

 A movie that made you get up and walk away from the theater?

 Ghost Rider:2

 Studies to you are?

 Very Important.

 The game you love to play?

 I love playing video games.

 Describe your perfect day ?

 Getting up early in the morning, going for a work-out 場hen coming back again and sleeping for few hours, then getting up and going for shopping and then a long drive. Ahh how amazing(smiles).

 An ongoing show you would want to be a part of?

 Rab Se Sohna Isshq. Who doesnⴠwant to shoot in London?

 One line for the Legendary Actor Mr.Rajesh Khanna?

 We have lost a Gem. May his Soul Rest In Peace.

 A  principle you live your life by  ?

 Don't think about the past, Live in the present and enjoy every moment.

 A  quote for your fans?

 Make your Parents Proud.