Rare surgery performed by ENT team at CMC Hospital


Dr Mercy, Mr Disney, Dr Dolly, Dr Sunil, Dr Samuel , Dr. Ashish, Dr. Damanpreet, Mr Murai (Standing L-R).

Ludhiana, February 11, 2019: 48 years old gentleman came to Christian Medical College Hospital’s emergency with complaints of breathing difficulty which was progressively worsening for the past 15-20 days and he could not sleep for last 8 days. On examination patient was having noisy respiration and there was a large swelling inside the mouth which caused respiratory obstruction. Patient underwent emergency procedure, making a hole in the wind pipe for breathing.

The patient is LIC advisor by profession; he is married and has one son and daughter, in addition to this he also take care of 3 boys who belong to his elder brother who passed away 14 years back.

ENT team planned for removal of the swelling. Since it was a very rare case CT Scan was done to locate the exact site, it was next to the major blood vessels of the neck supplying the brain and was very large to be removed through mouth. In spite of this, the swelling was removed from the mouth without making any cuts over the neck. It was 8cm which is same as a preterm baby head. Removing the mass from the neck would cause permanent damage to the voice and can also cause injury to food pipe. Using mouth approach both complications was avoided. Patient was discharged on the 4th day of surgery. He went back home with a normal airway and joined work soon after.

Monday, February 11, 2019