Rationalisation policy to adjust surplus teachers in schools become mockery?

Ferozepur, August 12, 2012: The rationalisation policy of the Punjab Government to adjust the surplus teachers in the schools where there is a requirement has become a mockery.

Jaswant Singh Gill, president Education Reforms Committee said that for the last one month, the principals and district education offices in the Punjab are doing the paper work but with the frequent change of directions of the senior officers, while the work of thousands of schools has been affected, the same is the position in the office of DEOs because the two times data collected earlier is not finding the nod at the government level.

Now the new rationalisation policy has been announced  by the Education Department and the entire staff of the department is again busy in collecting the data starting from zero level with the results the expected transfers in primary and secondary schools have been dumped under the weight of rationalisation.

Accordingly to new policy, in primary section, the student-teacher ratio is fixed as 1:30 and the second and third post of teacher, will be made available only after 45 and 90 students respectively.

So far as secondary section is concerned, the class section of 6th to 8th classes will be of 35 students, of 9th and 10th class of 40 students, 11th  and 12th  class of 50 students. Master and Lecturers are also being considered for the additional posts by giving 36 periods in a week.

 As per the instructions, the teachers having less than one year’s service and senior most teachers will be transferred to the schools where there is requirement, by declaring them as surplus.

As per the details worked out so far, about 5,000 teachers are working in the urban schools on the surplus posts and 3,000 masters and lecturers, who were transferred during the last year without the demand posts, are also being declared as surplus. 

Rationalisation policy has always been a flop show because the teachers in Mohali and other big cities of Punjab are working, those who are having  the political and administrative influence and they have not been transferred despite declaring them as surplus.

On the other hand, the teachers unions have also become active in protest against the rationalisation policy and in the coming days, they are likely to start protests, rallies, dharnas etc.

Jaswant Singh Gill, president Education Reforms Committee, Raj Kishore Kalra, patron, in their strong reaction said, “The government decisions die while reaching near the Chandigarh and the real intention of the government comes on surface and this is the reasons that hundred of teachers are short in the schools in border area, kandi and bet areas and the teachers with zero per cent results have made their permanent camps in the schools near the Mohali and Chandigarh, since their postings.

They have demanded from the Education Minster, Punjab to make a substantial rationalization policy and without any political pressure, the surplus teachers should be posted in the needy schools.

Sunday, August 12, 2012