Rayat-Bahra University becomes Google enabled campus


Chandigarh, September 15, 2014: The Rayat-Bahra University has become the first educational campus of Punjab to have complete access Google Apps Education Edition - a group of google services enabling 30000 of its students and teachers to be connected and work together.
Announcing the unique initiative today in the presence of Gagandeep Nagra, Head, Education Access Programs, Google India, Chancellor Rayat-Bahra University Gurvinder Bahra said that the project was implemented and rolled out with help of Google Authorized Education Partner Future Vidya. “With this, more than thirty thousand students and educators across seven campus will have the opportunity to be connected to a common e-mail, chat and calendar system (Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar), cloud collaboration tools (Google Docs, Google Sites, & Google Groups) and multimedia tools (Google Hangouts and YouTube for Education) that will enable them to work together and learn more effectively. It took two months for the project to be implemented and enable it as Google campus,” detailed Bahra.
Bahra elaborated that the Google Apps will help varsity communicate with its students, faculty and administration more easily and efficiently than ever before, while relieving its IT department of the traditional costs associated with email and collaboration solutions.
Director, Future Vidya (Google Apps for Education Authiorized Partner), Ashish Mittal said at Rayat-Bahra technology will play vital role in future of education and Google Apps rollout is clearly a first step to achieve that vision.
Sharing the future plans of Google for Rayat Bahra University campus he said that Rayat Bahra in partnership with Future Vidya and Google will be hosting the first ever Education Focused event in Punjab Google for Education Innovation Tour. The event focuses on sharing Google view on future of Education with demos of cool products and technology. The event will have panel discussion on future of education where eminent academicians will participate and share their views
The Google innovation drive at the Rayat Bahra University campus will include adoption of other Google technologies such as ChromeOS, setting up of Google Innovation Lab (Learning Space) and other Initiatives. He added that Google Apps Education Edition allows educational institutes to give Google';s communication and collaboration applications to their entire education community for free. All services are hosted by Google and are available to users via any internet-connected computer and many mobile devices.
Dr. Sandeep Kaura, Jt. Managing Director, Rayat-Bahra said this was a much needed opportunity for students of Rayat Bahra University to work under the guidance of experts of Google and get experience in real world software development while studying thereby enabling the Rayat-Bahra University to produce industry ready manpower.
The faculty will also benefit from this initiative through training on latest technologies.
The Rayat Bahra University students now have easy access to Google Apps including Gmail provides gigabytes of email storage highly effective spam filtering and powerful search with integrated voice and video chat. Besides this the Google Calendar allows easy coordination of work or class schedules, meetings and events online, Google Docs & Drive allow users to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings in real-time as well as upload and share any file type.
The users will also have easy access to Google Sites which are customized rich websites and have embed Google Docs, Google Calendars, videos, and other media requiring no HTML coding.
Users can create Google Groups creating mailing lists and discussion forums allowing students and teachers to easily and efficiently sharing documents, calendars, sites, and media with specific groups.
Google would also provide a channel to the Rayat Bahra University for relaying the recorded lecturer of its faculty at any time. The students of university would be able to assess the lectures of the faculty at any time anywhere on You Tube.
Present on the occasion were Dr. S.K. Bansal, Vice-Chancellor, Rayat-Bahra University, and Joint Director Public Relations Sumit Bahl.
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Monday, September 15, 2014