Reactions to Interim Budget 2014


L-R: CA. Anup Jain, CA. Rajeev K. Sharma and CA. Sanjeev Bhandari.

Ludhiana, February 17, 2014: Different reactions have been received to Interim Budget 2014 of the Union Government. These are as under:
CA. Anup Jain, President District Taxation Bar Association (Direct Taxes)
“It could have been a big boost to infrastructure sector if some tax incentives were given to Housing and Infrastructure Sector, whereby overall positive impact could have been achieved through resultant increase in employment, availability of homes at reasonable prices, and overall development of economy.”
CA. Sanjeev Bhandari, Secretary, District Taxation Bar Association (Direct Taxes)
“There is no relief of income tax. Service Tax rates should have been reduced to cut down the inflation. No incentive has been given to boost savings by common man.”
CA. Rajeev K. Sharma, Former Vice Chairman, Ludhiana Branch of NIRC of ICAI
“We were expecting some relief for local cycle industry but the budgets has again disappointed us. Excise Duty on Cycle, that is a vehicle for the people at the lowest line of economic pyramid has not been abolished though Excise on Cars has been reduced. It is just astonishing. With a plea that automobile industry is facing negative growth and giving benefit of excise duty, the FM cannot escape from the liability for decline in overall downfall of whole manufacturing sector in the country. Where more than half of the population of country is below poverty line, reduction in excise on SUVs and Large Segment Luxurious Cars, seems to be a joke.”//ludhiana news online, ludhiana news in English, ludhiana news, ludhiana current news, ludhiana news live, Ludhiana breaking news, Ludhiana headlines, Ludhiana latest news, punjab news, india news, punjab news live, punjab news online, punjab news, punjab news headlines, punjab breaking news, india news, punjab news,

Monday, February 17, 2014