Residents at Mahagun cherish Rakshabandhan in a special way


Noida: Rakshabandhan was given a new volume as the residents at Mahagun celebrated it in a unique way. The Rakshabandhan celebration was organised on Sunday in the Mahagun Moderne society, sector 78, in wherein the residents of the society tied rakhis to the guards and trees of their society. The event was attended by the residents belonging to all the age groups. The event had banners that showcased messages for the prevention of environment and highlighted importance of plants. The concept behind the event was to acknowledge the efforts of those who have always safeguarded and been a helping hand for the residents. Thus, the event became a medium for the residents to give appreciation to the security guards who uphold ideals to the best of their ability for the protection of residents.

“The festivals are part of the very essence of our culture and tradition so we come up with unique ideas of celebration. Such event and activities suffice the actual motive of festivals where people come and build up bonds with each other by celebrating the festival together” said Dheeraj Jain, Director, Mahagun Group.

The program commenced in the morning wherein all the residents turned up progressively to celebrate Rakshabandhan. They gifted plants to each other in order to convey the idea of environment friendliness. This activity was conducted to encourage better relations within the residents and to promote the relevance of environment. The event was equally enjoyed by the kids as they received gifts and refreshments along with programs like “musical chair” that were organised for them to participate and enjoy the celebration to their fullest.

Sunday, August 6, 2017