RS. 2.40 CRORE Indramala on display at Rudraksha Exhibition


RS. 2.40 crore Indramala being shown to the media persons at a press conference held at Ludhiana on Thursday by Tanay Seetha, owner Rudralife, while briefing about the Rudraksha Exhibition.

City Air News photo; Mandeep Kumar Verma

Ludhiana, April 18, 2013: Rudralife, a company promoting the use of Rudraksha has organised a five-day the Rudraksha exhibition at Hotel Park Plaza, Ludhiana. The exhibition began today and it will continue till April 22. 

Rudraksha occupied a very special place in the minds and hearts of the people, as these beads were associated with the omnipotent Lord Shiva. For generations, it is believed to offered fearlessness, self-confidence, good health, blood pressure control, stress, anxiety control, luck, success, growth, spirituality, marital/family bliss, material gains and protection. Little did people know that these beads also had Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Inductive properties which to measure up scientifically and had a positive impact on self when worn by them.

Tanay Seetha, owner Rudralife, while briefing about the exhibition, said, “We have been conducting exhibitions across India to display the unique qualities and effects of Rudrahsha. Ludhiana being a corporate hub, we wanted to display the beads here to the businessmen as well as to the residents, so that everybody could come and witness the huge collection besides getting an overview the beads’ power.”

With several distributers and merchants selling the same product, the genuineness becomes a major concern for the buyer that puts him in a fix of buying.

“The genuineness of Rudralife, as also its credibility, has led to an invite from the Shree Siddhivinayak Temple Trust at Prabhadevi Mumbai, to provide a sales outlet for Rudraksha in the temple precincts for the devotees visiting the shrine. Rudralife is working out modalities to have a unique museum in the vicinity of a Rudraksha Tree of Nepalese origin in its care in Triambakeshwar (A Jyotirling) near Nashik. Rudralife supplies Rudraksha beads which have been lab tested and certified as being 100% genuine in an ISO 9001-2008 accredited laboratory, further added Seetha.

With five medical patents to its credit, Rudralife is the only organisation today, which besides being in constant touch with the masses at large, is also involved in the scientific studies on this mystic bead. The ongoing researches at the Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT)-Mumbai University, have revealed that Rudraksha has immense medical benefits. Initial tests have been on the hypertension, diabetes, cardiac disorders, anti-inflammatory properties and Nootropic activity (Memory enhancement).

The true knowledge and mysteries surrounding this wonderful bead became popular after Rudralife, founded in 2001 by Tanay Seetha under the guidance of his illustrious father Kamal Narayan Seetha, started on a mission to educate the masses through seminars and exhibitions. Rudralife has by far organised about 500 exhibitions in India and abroad. With shows on Starplus, Gurukul, Zee TV, India TV, Aaj Tak, Care TV, Sadhna TV as well as various articles and presentations in the print and electronic media. The awareness created regarding Rudraksha, has been unprecedented. In their constant endeavor to learn, recommenders/ panel experts of Rudralife have met people all around the world and studied their experiences, developing a unique strategy of recommending combinations based on the tenets of numerology/ astrology. Recommendations from Rudralife have benefited lots of people worldwide and Rudralife has received innumerable testimonials.

Besides a vast variety of the beads the following Rudraksha will be displayed: The14 mukhi Rudraksha, which improves the 6th sense (Intuitive power) and decision-making power, has come as a great benefactor to Industrialists. The 12 mukhi Rudraksha representing the Sun God has proved to be hugely beneficial for the senior executives and businessmen to wallow in name, fame and, of course, for the integrated administrative growth.

The 13 mukhi Rudraksha has been simply found magical for traders, marketing professionals, artists and writers, for it increases communicative skills and work wonders at cementing intra personal relationships. Siddha Mala, which is a rare combo of Rudraksha from 1 to 14 mukhi, Gauri Shankar and Ganesh Rudraksha studded in one single mala. As per the Shiv Puran, this mala must be worn by those individuals who wish to attain Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, which are touted to be the four basic objectives of human existence on the planet earth.

Indramala, their registered trade mark, offers a unique combination at the higher level for good luck, health, wealth, happiness, peace of mind, spiritual growth and success. This rare mala is made of Rudraksha from one mukhi to twenty one mukhi Rudraksha along with Trijuti, Gauri Shankar and Ganesh Rudraksha. This is a rarest of the rare Rudraksha combo available.

An on-the-spot mala-making ceremony is being done by the artisans as per the recommendations, which will follow the Rudraksha Abhishekam ceremony to be performed by a Vedic priest.

Meanwhile, while interacting with City Air News, Seetha told that Indramala on display at the exhibition here carried a total 28 rarest of the rare Rudraksha of different varieties. On being asked, he told that they had sold a total 12 Indramalaso far, and the buyers were both from India and abroad.

Interestingly, what to speak of the visitors even a few media persons attending the press conference got crazy and were seen touching Indramala. A press photographer even got so crazy that he got himself photographed with Indramala. "I shall put this picture of mine on fb", he said enthusiastically to his colleagues in a victorious tone.


Thursday, April 18, 2013