Ruchi Soya Industries Limited statement on Mid-Term Review of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 for Agriculture and related products


"We welcome the increase in the incentives that will help boost exports from the labour intensive sectors like agriculture. The increase of Rs.1,354 crore in the incentives for Agriculture and related products will given an additional boost to agri industries, which will in turn benefit all stakeholders including the farmers.

It is heartening to see agro-processing as a focus area in the Government’s drive to increase exports to new and un-tapped markets, and this is a big positive for the industry. We also look forward to the New Agricultural Exports Policy to give a long term direction to the industry through a stable policy regime.

We expect this policy to positively impact our capacity utilisation to the extent of 20% due to increase in export viability with a consequent increase in overall margins."

Mr. Dinesh Shahra, Managing Director and CEO, Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017