SAB TV’s Baalveer team visits Amritsar


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Amritsar, May 24, 2013: SAB TV’s magical comedy Baalveer has been garnering tremendous viewership and love from viewers across HSM markets. Recently the team visited Amritsar to meet and greet with the fans.

The show has received brilliant response from its audiences and already has a huge fan following. The women are in awe of the beautiful angels and their exotic outfits, while the men are nostalgic about their childhood days of superhero fascination. But it is the kids who account for the largest fan base of the show and tend to not miss even a single episode as each episode is always filled with more action-packed enchantment. According to the views from the audiences, the show is paced perfectly and the beautiful sets, animation and costumes only add to the grandeur. It is these very kids who are responsible for getting even the adults hooked on to the show as the excitement and the fandom grows by the day.

Adding more magic to this fantasy based show; viewers will be enthralled by Deepshikha Nagpal as an evil Bavander Pari! Bavander Pari is trapped in a bottle and kept in an air-tight room in Parilok along with other evil pari’s for ages together. The twist in the plot unfolds when some of the good pari’s accidently open the door to the room; her bottle falls to the floor and breaks. The room being an air-tight one doesn’t allow her to display her evil powers as she needs air to activate it. After she manages to escape, she learns of Baalveer’s existence and his powers and decides to fight him.

Anooj Kapoor, EVP and Business Head, SAB TV said, “Baalveer has worked very well us at the 8 pm slot & successfully managed to woo audiences of all age groups. We will keep adding new elements and introduce entertaining characters in the show to further strengthen this slot.”

Ecstatic about her entry on Baalveer, Deepshika says, “I love fantasy based television shows and I’m really looking forward to begin shooting for Baalveer. Being a part of the magical Parilok is surely going to be a lot of fun. My look and attire has a lot of detailing and creativity into it. I’m really thrilled to be a part of the cast of Baalveer”

Deepshika’s entry as Bavander Pari is going to invite a lot of drama and entertainment as Baalveer’s heroism is set against Bavander Pari’s revenge on the show.



Friday, May 24, 2013