Sanjay Kaushik draws inspiration from Kader Khan for his role in &TV’s Kahat Hanuman…Jai Shri Ram

Sanjay Kaushik draws inspiration from Kader Khan

An integral character in almost every popular mythological story, Narad Muni has been one of the most fascinating and loved mythological characters of all time.

Produced by Peninsula Pictures &TV’s upcoming mythological show Kahat Hanuman...Jai Shri Ram is all set to narrate the tale of Hanuman and bring to its viewers a fresh perspective on one of the greatest Indian Gods. To essay the role of Narad Muni, Sanjay Kaushik who has replaced actor Raj Singh is putting his best foot forward to portray the role with finesse. In the past, Sanjay has acted in varied drama shows and will now be making his mythological debut. The show is set to take the viewers on an interesting mythological journey of how Bal Hanuman eventually emerges as the greatest devotee of Lord Ram.

Speaking about stepping into this character, Sanjay said, “I am quite excited to step into the mythological space, I believe that playing mythological characters can teach you a lot about acting that a normal character often can’t. Narad’s character comes as an exciting opportunity to me because this it gives a fresh perspective of my image to the audience. Considering this role has been efficiently played by many actors in the past, legendary actor Kader Khan’s performance remains my favourite and the opportunity of playing the same character as him is quite a challenge in disguise which I look forward to overcoming with this show. Moreover, I am glad to make my debut in this space with such an interesting and light-hearted being that invariably manages to keep an audience entertained. I didn’t think twice of the challenges that this space or character brings and literally accepted the role in one go. We have just begun shooting for the show and over just a few weeks I have noticed a new maturity level in my act. I truly the hope the audience notices and appreciates this side too.”

An incarnation of the powerful and supreme Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman was created as the most powerful being on earth with a certain purpose and potential. Defining this purpose while giving viewers a glimpse of the tale between Lord Shiva and the invincible evil Ravana, Kahat Hanuman… Jai Shri Ram on &TV will narrate the story of Lord Hanuman’s origin, who is an ardent devotee of Lord Ram and has been the most revered God exuberating dedication, strength, and power.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019