Savita Bhatti to launch and read excerpts from Ashish Sharma' s Third Poetic Saga "Kuch Panne Vicharon Se Tarashe Hue " on 19 June at Chandigarh Press Club


Chandigarh: “Emeralds carved with Thoughts” (Kuch Panne Vicharon Se Tarashe Hue) - a Poetic Saga by Ashish Sharma will be launched on Wednesday by Savita Bhatti and Ashish Sharma. The event will be graced by Dr.Harjit Singh - a noted Punjabi poet, Dr.Gurwinder Aman - a noted Punjabi short story writer, Harish Agarwal and Anil Nagpal. Savita Bhatti will also read excerpts from it.
Poetic Saga is a unique collection of Hindi Poems with English translations for everyone to read & enjoy. Poetic saga which is a perfect blend of profound and common events of everyday life will be relevant to each and every reader irrespective of their age and location. They are inspired by day-to-day events and occurrences in the world and from author’s life. The Poetic Saga expresses poet’s thoughts about social evils and issues, environment, relationships, happiness and hope, all in the form of poetry. The book has some poems written in the honour of some great personalities like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Former Prime Minister Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee, The King of Meaningful Comedy Jaspal Bhatti, The Great Philanthropist and Business Personality Late Hayel Saeed Anam (HSA) and Poet’s parents Prof.Harinder Sharma & Uttar Sharma. The poetic saga also has a poem to commemorate 70 years of friendship of the two great nations – India & Indonesia. English translation has been done by Yogita Sharma.
Poetry, according to Author Ashish Sharma is one of the most interesting ways of expression.
The launch event will be held on 19 June at Chandigarh Press Club.

Friday, June 14, 2019