Science Expo-2014 at DCM Presidency School


Ludhiana, April 27, 2014: An annual Science Exhibition “Science Expo” was conducted at DCM Presidency School with an aim to encourage scientific and technological creativity among students and inculcating a sense of pride in their talent.
The students prepared a huge number of various working and educational exhibits on various themes from Science and Technology to Renewable Energy, Agriculture to Astronomy. The students were seen explaining their exhibits to the parents with great enthusiasm and pride.
Aman Malhotra, a student of Class-XI who prepared a model “Seventh Sense” a tool to help the blind people in their day today movement said that the idea behind the exhibit was to help the blind as they cannot go out without some one’s help and this tool helps them to navigate their surroundings and thus they become self dependent. He added that he wants to explore the model to its best so that it can bring a change in the life of blind people.
Saksham Kapoor and Priyanka, the students of Class-X prepared an exhibit on multiple terrace farming. They said that in coming times when there will be shortage of land such methods will be highly beneficial. They also combined the idea with utilization of carbon dioxide which is used by the plants for photosynthesis. They said that this innovation will be helpful in curbing not only land and air pollution but also will increase the production of crop.
Nivedita, Coordinator IX-X  said that the exhibition was successful in bringing abstract learning to the real knowledge  and such activities always help the children in learning by the  method of doing.
Ravinder, Physics Teacher who played a key role in the organizing the exhibition said that these days students learn better when they apply their knowledge in relation to what they are taught. He also added that by providing exploratory experiences, encouraging creative thinking and promoting psychomotor skills helps the students to channelize their potentials towards the development of the country.
On the other side the parents were overwhelmed to see the grand exhibition including various working and non working models like Amplifier, Full Wave Rectifier, Balancing car- garbage disposal, telescope etc. One of the parents R K Sharma said that the event showed that the students had a clear and vivid understanding of the project which they had prepared and it will definitely help in popularising Science and Technology among the masses and creating an awareness regarding its impact on socio-economic and sustainable development of the country.
Principal Amita Mittal congratulated the students and teachers and said that such academic activities foster the interest of the students in the subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These activities also give an opportunity to the students to explore the world around them and impart a scientific bent of mind in this techno dominated world.

Sunday, April 27, 2014