Scintillating experience at MUN

IVY World School, Jalandhar, run by I-league education always keeps affront the challenge of providing relevant education in the face of technological advancements, with the comprehensive development of its students that encourages collaboration and critical thinking. Keeping a pace with the league the Ivyians participated in the prestigious SNAMUN’19, held at The Lawrence School, Sanawar, Kasuali Hills, Himachal Pradesh. There were participants from 12 schools with five committees which debated on the topic “Issues detrimental in shaping World Politics, Economics and International relations”. It provided students a first hand experience to the actual working of the UNO. The students had an enriching experience on the importance of inculcating the habit of critical thinking and analyzing a problem keeping in mind all aspects concerning it as well as the ability to raise historical questions for understanding an issue and also attempting to answer the raised questions. On their return the school Principal, Ms. S. Chauhan congratulated the Ivyians for their outstanding performance in the conference and also appreciated the staff and students efforts as it will go a long way towards indulging them in independent research work also applying the same practice to their day to day existence.

Friday, May 17, 2019