Seminar on Fast Food and Drug Abuse held at Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Pharmacy


A seminar on “Fast Food and Drug Abuse” being conducted on the premises of  Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Pharmacy at Ludhiana on Monday.

Ludhiana, January 20, 2014: A seminar on “Fast Food and Drug Abuse” was conducted on the premises of  Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Pharmacy. Dr.Harinder Singh, Senior Paediatrician, G.T.B. Hospital and Dr.S.S.Luthra Paediatrician and Senior Faculty GGNKCP were the resource persons on the occasion.

Dr Harinder Singh while addressing the students highlighted that fast food, which although very tempting, is not nutritionally balanced and therefore unhealthy in the long run if consumed on regular basis. He said that a single burger meal would provide a child about 770 calories whereas the actual requirement from a meal is about 440 calories. Thus not only the calories are more but also unhealthy as they lack essential vitamins and nutrients. Similarly a packet of chips which is often eaten as an additional snack to meals, requires as many as 6 hrs walk for a child and 3 hrs for an adult to burn away the extra calories. He also informed that the packed fruit juices which are so popular now a days are not as good as whole fruits as they usually contain less than 30% real fruit value, the remaining being sugar.  

Dr Luthra while speaking about Drug Abuse pointed out that drug menace is engulfing the state of Punjab consistently at a steady rate. Lack of awareness, unemployment amongst youth, peer pressure that exists between most vulnerable groups aged  between 18-40 years are some of the factors responsible for the prevalent drug trade. Various types of substances abused include amphetamines, narcotics, heroin, LSD, alcohol, nicotine and some other prescription drugs. He said that there is no definite personality type more prone to drug abuse but it is usually due to peer pressure or family environment that youngsters start substance abuse. He also informed the students that regular use of drugs could lead to cancers like Lung Cancer, Stomach Cancer and mouth Cancer; Cirrhosis of Liver, infections like Hepatitis and AIDS due to sharing of syringes. In addition to health problems Drug Abuse also leads to financial, matrimonial, criminal and societal problems and hence must be avoided.

H.O.D of the institute, Ravinder Dang thanked the guest Speakers for giving such a informative, motivational and inspirational talk and hoped that after learning about the ill effects of Drug Abuse and Fast Food the young Pharmacists would work not only to protect themselves but also the society from these.

S.P.S Bhatia, Manjit Singh, Shikha Sehajpal, Kamal Sharma and Joga Singh were among faculty members of college present in the seminar.//ludhiana news online, ludhiana news in English, ludhiana news, ludhiana current news, ludhiana news live, Ludhiana breaking news, Ludhiana headlines, Ludhiana latest news, punjab news, india news, punjab news live, punjab news online, punjab news, punjab news headlines, punjab breaking news, india news, punjab news,

Monday, January 20, 2014