Session on US- China Trade War & India: Opportunities & Challenges for Indian Inc at Ludhiana

Session on US- China Trade War & India

Ludhiana, September 9, 2019: Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) Punjab Chapter organized an Interactive Session on U.S - CHINA Trade War & India: Opportunities & Challenges for Indian Inc at Ludhiana.
Rishi Khanna, Head, Institutional Banking Group (SME), North along with Mayank Payal, Head, Treasury & Market, North, Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) joined the session as experts.
While addressing the participants Mayank Payal said that, “In the recent times, United States (US) & China are going through a Trade Conflict, resulting in increased tariffs and other trade barriers being imposed by US, forcing China to make changes as per U.S interests. Factors such as: growing trade deficit, theft of intellectual property, forced transfer of American technology to China are also contributing in this conflict. However, the US-China Trade conflict is likely to have positive impacts on India, as there is an opportunity for Indian Inc to increase its trade footprint in US market(s), particularly in those categories in which US has imposed tariffs on China”.
Ashwani Kumar, Regional Chairman (NR), FIEO, while addressing the delegates said that ,”The ongoing China–United States economic conflict and is bound to effect a number of growing economies such as India, as both are the world’s two prominent economies. However, the conflict may be seen as an opportunity for India to boost its exports of large number of products to these countries, as both the US and China are imposing heavy import duties on each other's products”.
During the session, (C.A.) Nipan Bansal along with Ms. Neha Goyal, (FEMA Practitioners) from Parshotam & Associates, made presentation on Investment opportunities Outside India and provisions relating to Overseas Direct Investment (ODI) by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The presentation addressed key procedures related to overseas investments, such as Routes of Investment in Foreign Entity, Application to Authorised Dealer (AD), Filling of Annual Performance report by 31st December, Filling of Foreign Assets and Liabilities by 15th July, Disinvestment of stake in Overseas Entities.
The session was well attended by close to 50 delegates.

Monday, September 9, 2019