SHILPA Shukla backs out of ‘Connected Hum Tum’ midway


Shilpa Shukla.

RJ Malishka takes on the show inspired by Shilpa

Zee TV’s latest reality show ‘Connected Hum Tum’ hosted by Abhay Deol has six women showcasing their personal lives on national television. Much has been said about the courage of these six women who’ve taken the plunge. After all it takes guts to live life like an open book! Little do people know that the producers had originally shortlisted seven women and not six. It was Chak De! star Shilpa Shukla who was also supposed to be a part of this exciting series. But  she backed out mid way citing personal issues, reveals the popular RJ Malishka mendonca who is now seen on ‘Connected Hum Tum’.

She adds, “I took up the show because Shilpa was doing it as well. But she backed out midway. I was a little apprehensive about my decision after that, but I was too much in love with the concept to give up.”

Shilpa Shukla initially shot portions of her life and is said to have backed out because she was not comfortable living life under constant public scrutiny.

About ‘Connected Hum Tum’, the RJ says, “Zee TV came to me with the show as they wanted to focus on a woman, who’s a successful media person having her own share of worries and problems to overcome. Since it is a self-broadcasting show where the format requires us to shoot our life and share the footages with Zee, I thought they would be more focussed on my professional life with the mad buzz of jockeying and the stars that flit in and out of my life daily. But they wanted me to record more of my personal life and share my thoughts and feelings as candidly and intimately as possible!”

Known for her bindaas demeanor, Malishka decided to go ahead with the show as a gift to her fans. “I have been a radio jockey for eight years and have developed a tremendous following. My fans want to know a lot more about the real me. This show will do that and bring them even closer to me!”  

Stay tuned to the madness of Malishka’s life on ‘Connected Hum Tum’, every Monday to Friday at 9 PM.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013